Kiki&Lala’s Twinkle Puzzle MOD APK 1.6.5 (Menu PRO/Unlimited money)

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NameKiki&Lala’s Twinkle Puzzle APK
PublisherImagineer Co.,Ltd.
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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If you are a fan of Japanese children’s stories, you will probably be familiar with the name Kiki & Lala. These are two famous characters in the Sanrio family. The launch of this series followed the resounding success left by Hello Kitty. In particular, the main characters – Kiki & Lala, have much in common with the cat Kitty. Can you guess what this common ground is? It is the boundless cuteness that makes every heart melt. In particular, the children are incredibly passionate about Kiki & Lala. These two characters are twin sisters – a pair of twins dubbed as angels in the story. Today, let’s join Kiki & Lala to discover particular challenges at Kiki&Lala’s Twinkle Puzzle.

KikiLalas Twinkle Puzzle mod

Download Kiki&Lala’s Twinkle Puzzle mod – Join the journey of discovery with lovely characters

Kiki&Lala’s Twinkle Puzzle is produced by Imagineer company. Is a name full of imagination and creativity, isn’t it? Under the efforts of Imagineer, many exciting and lovely games have been born. Kiki&Lala’s Twinkle Puzzle is one of them. You will join Kiki & Lala on a magical journey in this game. It is a journey to discover the dream world in which not everyone can set foot. Kiki&Lala’s Twinkle Puzzle will tell you the story of these two cute characters. Each level in the game represents a memorable milestone in the twins’ lives. Let’s help Kiki & Lala solve the puzzle to prolong the story of this beautiful dream-like world.

Kiki&Lala’s Twinkle Puzzle is designed according to the puzzle motif. However, you won’t need to create horizontal or vertical lines. Because the quiz here is designed in the shape of a honeycomb. Players need to swap elements to form a cluster of similar textures next to each other to score points. Every aspect at Kiki&Lala’s Twinkle Puzzle is colorful and full of life. They include the moon, the sun, fire, water drops, mars, etc. The red, purple, white, and yellow colors blend well with the pastel pink background. Solve the unique honeycomb at Kiki&Lala’s Twinkle Puzzle to win. Each level is rated from one to three stars depending on the number of points scored.

KikiLalas Twinkle Puzzle apk

Collect lots of diamonds

The number of points and items obtained by the player at Kiki&Lala’s Twinkle Puzzle can be converted into diamonds. In particular, in this game, there are countless types of sparkling diamonds. For example, to exchange a diamond ring, you need to collect five stones of the same color. Three-sided diamonds are more valuable than two-sided diamonds. So two two-sided diamonds can be converted into one three-sided diamond. The number of diamonds obtained will be converted at the end of the stage after you complete the mission. This type of item will be beneficial in Kiki&Lala’s Twinkle Puzzle. Let’s accumulate diamonds and discover how they will help Kiki & Lala. Countless diamonds of various shapes are waiting for you.

KikiLalas Twinkle Puzzle android

Many interesting levels

Kiki&Lala’s Twinkle Puzzle is like a comic book recording the big episode journey of the angel twins. These two children will encounter different obstacles through each threshold in life. That is also why the difficulty levels at Kiki&Lala’s Twinkle Puzzle always increases. The quest – the requirements for the type of items to be collected are also different. To ensure the completion of the task, the player needs to monitor the progress display in the left corner of the screen. Also, don’t forget to read the instructions below the screen. They are the practical help that Kiki&Lala’s Twinkle Puzzle has for you. Don’t let the situation where you collect the wrong item win the losing result.

KikiLalas Twinkle Puzzle apk free

Unlock boosters

Like many other puzzles, Kiki&Lala’s Twinkle Puzzle also contains many valuable boosters. Adhering to the adorable concept throughout the game, these items are just as cute. These include heart bows, rainbow palettes, magnets, and magic wands. If you don’t understand how to use them, don’t worry. Kiki&Lala’s Twinkle Puzzle will have detailed instructions on how to use each type. In the first levels, the player will find these booster slots locked. To be able to use them, you need to try to win a lot. Because love arrows, palettes, magnets, or magic wands will only be unlocked when a certain level is reached.

Kiki&Lala’s Twinkle Puzzle is a puzzle game that both kids and adults love. Using the image of Kiki & Lala characters makes this game more familiar than ever. The cuteness, the colors, and the pictures of the gameplay make Kiki&Lala’s Twinkle Puzzle score with all users. It becomes an effective stress reliever. Download Kiki&Lala’s Twinkle Puzzle mod and accompany Kiki & Lala in the dream world.

Download Kiki&Lala’s Twinkle Puzzle MOD APK (Menu PRO/Unlimited money) for Android

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