K-POP Idol Producer 2.06 MOD APK (Unlimited money, tickets)

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NameK-POP Idol Producer APK
PublisherBuildup Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, tickets
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Become a talented music producer and have your good songs. You don’t just stop at composing music, you will manage groups as well. That’s what you will be doing right in K-POP Idol Producer. Build an outstanding group image with talented young singers. Players will monitor all activities and make the group more and more popular. Widely admired by a broad audience, developed with the best musical works. Show your talent through captivating performances, surely K-POP Idol Producer will not let you down. The game allows players to be the best music producer, get idol groups.

K POP Idol Producer mod

K-POP music is being loved by young people listening to music today. This genre of music is stirring up the music market with vibrant songs. This made the game publisher release the K-POP Idol Producer game. The game brings talented young people with musical talent. You will select and help them become famous singers. Manage a music entertainment company with a large number of trainees. Simultaneously operating and building the company to grow more and more. That is the task that players need to perform when coming to K-POP Idol Producer. Produce the best, most popular music groups in the music world.

K POP Idol Producer mod apk

To be successful, groups have to go through days of practice. Some groups are well known like Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, or EXO… They are hard-working, talented people who practice every day. Are you looking to build a career with your music groups? It’s simple, K-POP Idol Producer will help players do it. As a music manager and executive, giving the necessary skills for the group to progress. The company will be a place for young singers to study and bring great success to become stars.

Selection of trainees

The first job when you start with K-POP Idol Producer will be recruiting trainees. At the same time, there will be an assistant to help you run the company. Find bright and talented faces to create a music group. Choose the boys and girls you want. Building a boy group or a girl group will also depend on what you want. Find out their personal information by touching the character. The ability to sing, rap, dance…will all be fully displayed. Arrange them in each position suitable for each person’s knowledge. Then synthesize and form a group with attractive trainees in terms of both visuals and professional skills.

K POP Idol Producer mod android

Fashion choice for the group

Impress the audience not only in vocals but also in fashion. You will have to choose the best outfits. Create an impressive original image with stylish styles. There will be an expert in the field who will give suggestions on each company. Bring out the latest fashion trends, hairstyles to make the brand stand out on stage. Invest in additional accessories, making each singer appear shimmering so that each audience will be captivated at first sight.

K POP Idol Producer mod free

Building and decorating the company

As a leader, you will be responsible for running and managing the company. Build a large and widely scaled company. At the same time, the decoration should be a beautiful and delicate space. Arrange the furniture accordingly, showing the musical trends. Expansion of other singing practice rooms, resting places, and activity rooms. When the work is too much for you to do alone, hire more employees. Support you in different areas such as stylist, makeup, management, music writing… Quickly make this place the most famous music company.

K POP Idol Producer mod download

Training the interns

Have each intern start with daily practice sessions. Choreograph positions for each person, combined with choreography. Bringing out music albums that synthesize good songs, suitable for many listeners. Train talented idols with many musical abilities. At the same time, K-POP Idol Producer also has many contests taking place. To create competition with other groups as well as singers. Win major awards and be one of the music stars. Download K-POP Idol Producer mod producer, operating a music company.

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