Jumping Ninja Battle MOD APK 4.1.5 (Unlimited money)

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NameJumping Ninja Battle APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Jumping Ninja Battle, join the worldwide ninja battle, fight against each other and get the highest score. After each turn, you are ranked, and the first, second, and third places will be awarded to those who deserve it. Your main goal is to fight for the first prize and stay high forever. That will confirm his level and ability to perform punches. Many seasons occur, and the enemies to confront are also rapidly increasing. The disadvantages in your fighting style will gradually improve and bring about high efficiency. Just hit the target and then attack, kick up and down to let them know what the taste of a loser is.

Jumping Ninja Battle android

Download Jumping Ninja Battle mod – Become the most powerful ninja in the world

The tournaments taking place at Jumping Ninja Battle will be invested globally. The world’s leading forces all come here to enjoy the games. You are a newbie, so you need to learn and prove more capable than others. You have the right to win the match and make a counterattack when violated. The 1vs1 direct game mode will quickly take place, the opponent will be random, or you choose. Wars are unpredictable, and the situation is constantly changing. Players can join up with three players on the same team, counterattacking the opponent. The opponent will follow your wishes with each choice of how many people.

Jumping Ninja Battle mod apk

Members of each team will be shown bloodlines in different colors. Your team is blue, and the opponent is red; the amount of health decreases quickly or slowly depending on your level. It is also permanently displayed on the screen for the player to grasp the military status. When fighting with many people, it is necessary to have a strategy; otherwise, everything will fall apart. The ninja wars are always mighty, the sound of swords clashing jingle. Your attack power, the opponent’s ability, and the duration of each match are different. Just play until you can’t hold it anymore, then let go.

Jumping Ninja Battle apk

Collect the most powerful weapon

To serve combat, your ninjas must be equipped with supreme weapons. Jumping Ninja Battle allows players to use flexibly depending on the situation. Can use guns, swords, magic lamps, pans, fishing hooks, and more. Familiar objects were brought to battle. Players master those weapons themselves based on their unlock status. Collect the most potent weapons for convenience in action, and find all ways to gain a position on your side. When equipped with weapons, you fight more confidently, more fiercely. Successfully unlock quality props, fight non-stop, and don’t waste the use of firearms.

Jumping Ninja Battle mod

Build a team of ninjas

Players are not alone if participating in battle 3. This is the opportunity that Jumping Ninja Battle gives players; it will be better when done independently. All three people combine, jumping on the opponent so they cannot counterattack. An entire team of powerful ninjas will be successfully recruited and fight together. Play with friends to have a more fun atmosphere; understanding each other when combined will be more favorable. With crowded arenas, you should use the 3-player trick to increase attractiveness. Each member takes a position, taking turns attacking forward. Put teamwork first, lead to a score difference and win.

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Get free coins

Money is the tool for you to unlock more weapons and a more extensive playing field in Jumping Ninja Battle. Players step into the tournament, and a treasure of money is in front of them. Collect gold coins to fill your wallet, go to the store and choose the items you want. The money and the other ninja card are in the same place; come to it now. Climb the door, find the opponent and kill their success; you will get money. If the missions failed, lives were lost, and stars also decreased significantly. The stars are the yardstick for you to be honored in the rankings. Simple operation, receive money instantly, expand shopping opportunities to improve equipment for yourself.

Jumping Ninja Battle, press the tab to push the ninja’s high jump and perform the blows. Using professional weapons and mastering each type will be a strength. Enter the training tower to get free coins; the richer, the better. Diverse ways of playing, independently or as a team, offer opportunities to show strength. When playing with friends, it is necessary to have a good combination, or it will be a messy match. Play with fun, colorful ninjas for fun. Download Jumping Ninja Battle mod, control the ninja to fight the enemy, and become the longest survivor.

Download Jumping Ninja Battle MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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