Impostor 3D 0.30 MOD APK (Dumb enemy)

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NameImpostor 3D APK
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Impostor 3D is an action game published by CASUAL AZUR GAMES. The game with simple gameplay, looking for impostors. In your army, there will be some anonymous people hiding, and players will need to search to destroy them. Enemies will hide among the crowd of your teammates. Will you find the impostor? Be on the lookout and quickly catch the impostor before it commits evil deeds. Complete the mission and become the last survivor on the ship.

Impostor 3D mod

Download Impostor 3D mod – Find the hidden impostor

There will be an impostor on board. He will be active around your area. Impostor 3D has brought players exciting levels of play. You will be able to destroy the enemies present on the ship. A game that is not too difficult to control the character, as well as the gameplay, is relatively easy. Perform each mission, quickly kill the dangerous impostor. In addition, expose the fake faces of friends. One of your teammates is also having his own conspiracies. Therefore, the player will also need to control the real action taking place on the ship. To be able to win, it all depends on you. Attack fast and make those who betray will receive death.

Impostor 3D mod apk

Watch out for everyone who shows up on that ship. Even friends, you also need to have absolute control. Do not trust them too much, because otherwise, it is very easy to play bad. An impostor can take your life at any time. Stay away from them if you want to survive. Complete the mission, destroy all opponents. Survive consecutive attacks from enemies. Impostor 3D opens the confrontation between you and the killers. Show your strength through clever fighting ways.

Impostor 3D mod free

Easy gameplay

It’s not too difficult to move on the ship. The player will touch the screen and start controlling the character to move. Start looking for opponents to come to the battle. Face each impostor, don’t let them survive. The gameplay is simple but still creates its attraction for the game. Each attack will bring its entertainment. Provide many attractive game modes, not boring. Travel on every corner of the ship, facing every opponent. Defeat them and confirm the ability to fight. Get in front of the enemy and attack quickly. Act fiercely, fight fast, win fast.

Impostor 3D mod android

Participate in all levels of play

Try your hand at the levels, Impostor 3D has provided a lot of levels for you. Play online, challenge your friends. Increase the drama through each game screen. As you go up to higher levels, Impostor 3D will give you more challenges. Finding an impostor is never easy. Their appearance will also increase more and more. You alone will have to fight them all. Challenge with many other players to create high achievements. Impostor 3D continuously brings you game levels with many missions. Once completed, you will also receive the corresponding bonus amount. Conquer all levels with the highest score.

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Attack the killer

Enemies with a plot to kill everyone present on the ship, including you. Danger always follows, they always find a way to destroy you all the time. The only task that Impostor 3D needs players to do is to protect themselves. By eliminating all impostor forces as soon as possible. Find out where they hide, the face of each killer. Use weapons to fight, counterattack vigorously. Take action to destroy the traitor. Pay attention to observe and attack, apply all intelligent strategies. Do not fall into their trap, become the sole survivor of the battle on the ship.

Not only with exciting game modes, the investment in graphics and sound is also quite thorough. Give players a whole new experience. The characters are shown in different colours, and the movement is rhythmic, the sounds simulate in detail each scene of the attack. Download Impostor 3D mod survives hunting for killers on spaceships.

Download Impostor 3D MOD APK (Dumb enemy) for Android

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