Immortal Soul: Black Survival MOD APK 11.2.00 (Menu/Defense, damage multiplier)

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NameImmortal Soul: Black Survival APK
PublisherBoltrend Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/Defense, damage multiplier
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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What is it like to live in a dangerous environment? Have you ever been in that situation? Immortal Soul: Black Survival will be the place for you to see it firsthand. A battlefield with everything not yet clearly defined, many challenges to face. Conquer bravely and face challenges to get the victory. Survive above this area and stop all action from the opponent. The only mission in Immortal Soul: Black Survival is to fight to survive. Life is held by you, becoming the only one to survive the battles.

Immortal Soul Black Survival mod

Download Immortal Soul: Black Survival mod – Survive in harsh living circumstances

Immortal Soul: Black Survival is a dramatic survival role-playing game. Players will have to build each specific strategy to deal with all enemies. Strength and resilience will make it easy for players to win. Go to war on the fronts, explore every location. Control everything that happens, every action the other party makes. The only way the player needs to do is decide to fight. Everything happens randomly with unexpected circumstances. You won’t be able to predict what will happen next. That is also what makes the game attractive to the gaming community.

Immortal Soul Black Survival mod apk

Accompany the character and complete all the missions given. Move to the battlefield to start with each fight. The enemies will also appear and perform the attack. Use the power as well as the advantage to fight the enemy. Each battle will have a maximum of 10 players. Try to be the only one to survive in this fierce battleground. Many valuable prizes will be given to the winners. Use all tactics and weapons to make the enemy lose. Create dangerous traps for them to receive death quickly.

Immortal Soul Black Survival mod free

The only one who survived

An island divided into 22 large areas will be where you live. Around here will be abandoned houses, everything is in ruins. The immediate living situation has also brought many difficulties. Food and any personal items will also need to be prepared by you. Not stopping there, monster attacks also took place continuously. Look for everything to support and be ready to fight the enemy. They will not stop attacking, creating a dangerous situation. Choose a location and dodge any counterattacks from them. Moving to any place is also a way to deal with the enemy. Aim to be the sole survivor on the island.

Immortal Soul Black Survival mod download

Build characters to fight

When starting to participate in the game, the player will be able to choose his character. Immortal Soul: Black Survival with more than 45 different characters will be the force to fight with you. Prepare the necessary costumes and weapons to face each enemy. Customize their appearance, dress them up as they like. Train and train professional skills, with many smart strategies. Build a character with your own style, dare to face any challenge. Show up as a true warrior, set up many soldiers to battle.

Immortal Soul Black Survival mod android

Crafting and fighting

The two factors always combine with each other: crafting and fighting. Collect items and resources to start crafting. Make weapons, traps, tools to support the battle. Find and store food sources to maintain life and recharge. Take advantage of all that is available around your area. Carefully prepared, well equipped to fight on all fronts. Be present in each battle, destroy all life-threatening forces. Attack the strongest monster bosses, don’t give them a chance to counterattack. Fight against 9 other formidable opponents, gain victory.

Life on the island with many dangers constantly strikes. Face the monsters, enemies with powerful destructive power. Travel to many areas, encounter countless enemies. Protect your own life, conquer all difficulties. Unleash your power and eliminate each enemy from the area quickly. Uncover all the mysteries surrounding the island, survive on harsh habitats. Download Immortal Soul: Black Survival mod survival battle on a deserted island.

Download Immortal Soul: Black Survival MOD APK (Menu/Defense, damage multiplier) for Android

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