Idle Zombie Survival MOD APK 3.1.1 (Unlimited money, ammo, caps/Free shopping)

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NameIdle Zombie Survival APK
PublisherGame Veterans
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, ammo, caps/Free shopping
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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The pandemic that covered the whole city brought a significant threat to life. That situation is evident in Idle Zombie Survival, where you have to face many challenges. The virus has infected humans, turning them into bloodthirsty zombies. To stop the epidemic, you are the only hope. Attack those monsters, don’t let them survive. Lead the heroes to fight, attack the zombies. Eliminate the zombie force, help human life be peaceful. Move to every area, showing the heroic fighting power of a true warrior.

Idle Zombie Survival mod

Download Idle Zombie Survival – Great zombie war in the city

Similar to other zombie games, you will have to face a large number of opponents. They appear in every corner of the city, constantly chasing people. Life is very fragile, and death can strike at any time. You need to summon forces, combine strength and attack. Divide the attack position, aim at the enemy to achieve the goal. Idle Zombie Survival will provide the corresponding bonus amount for each successful zombie killing. Complete the mission and go to the next level, destroy every zombie in the city. Take advantage of the ultimate skill, command the whole team to attack in succession. Cure zombie infections for the people here, bring peace to everyone.

Idle Zombie Survival mod free

Games with the theme of killing zombies are not new but still attract many players. Attack skills and tactics when playing will be an advantage when fighting. At the same time, it will also need to spend a lot of energy, can lose at any time. High concentration, aiming to hit the target is the way to victory. Idle Zombie Survival takes you to a world full of dangers, and countless zombies are raging. If you are someone who dares to face challenges, this will be an option. Coordinate with each warrior, creating the most muscular destructive power to destroy the opponent.

Idle Zombie Survival mod download

Fight for survival

The power of zombies is dangerous, and they can take people’s lives. Strong attack ability, making you stand on the edge of death. Use all skills and tactics to complete the goal. Aim the gun in the right direction, shoot continuously at the zombies. Determined to fight to be able to keep you and the people around you safe. Seize the opportunity, command the warriors operating in every position. The life of the whole world depends on you, give every blow to the enemy to fall. The zombies will also constantly plot, putting your entire team in danger. Upgrade combat power through each level, deal with all opponents. Don’t let the bloodthirsty monsters have a chance to survive, return the world to a normal rhythm.

Idle Zombie Survival mod android

Prepare weapons

With the formidable destructive power of the opponent, supporting weapons are essential. Idle Zombie Survival has a variety of guns for you to use in each attack. Each gun will have different destructive abilities, killing many zombies. Equip heroes, fully prepare before going to battle. Having a weapon in hand, strength is also enhanced, facing all zombies is no longer a hindrance. Simultaneously observe the enemy, seize the opportunity in the process of fighting. Unlock more new guns through battles, providing more choices with each fight.

Idle Zombie Survival mod apk

Collaborate with many heroes

A large army will bring an advantage when going to war. Divide locations and missions to defeat all zombies. Coordinate with each warrior, come up with the most dangerous attack. Command them to give ways to fight, not to provide the opponent with a chance to counterattack. Harness the strengths of heroes, train them with unique skills. Move to the areas of the city, ready to fight the cruel zombies. Prevent the spread of disease, with all warriors to advance in every battle. Download Idle Zombie Survival mod to destroy evil zombies and bring peace to the world.

Download Idle Zombie Survival MOD APK (Unlimited money, ammo, caps/Free shopping) for Android

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