Idle Space Tycoon MOD APK 1.6.3 (Unlimited Credits)

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NameIdle Space Tycoon APK
PublisherColdFire Games GmbH
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Credits
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Learning about the universe is still an activity that people pursue. The mysteries in that vast space create excitement and curiosity for all of us. In addition to discovering them through scientific research and expert literature, there are many other approaches. Trying simulation games on the market today is also an exciting and attractive method. One of the games worth mentioning is the Idle Space Tycoon mod. Exploiting space from the vast universe combined with unique business models. The fantasy world that the game creates has brought a trend in the gaming community today. This lucrative market will be a business for those who know how to seize the opportunity.

Idle Space Tycoon mod android

Download Idle Space Tycoon mod – Become a top tycoon

What do you think about getting rich from space? This is the goal and idea that Idle Space Tycoon brings. Players will take on the role of a tycoon and manager. The system your business pursues is the space freight industry. Players will adopt this system when they are still limited in development, and the infrastructure is still in its infancy. The task of each tycoon is to help that system development to a new level. At the same time, earn huge profits for yourself and the cost of upgrading activities.

Idle Space Tycoon mod apk

To do this, gamers must be a person who knows how to seize opportunities and favorable factors from the objective environment. Along with that is applying his flexible business mind to create effective strategies. With this idle game Idle Space Tycoon, an essential requirement comes from the leader. The challenges and difficulties you must overcome are incredibly diverse, especially in the early stages of starting a business. At that time, the experience and capital in the hands of the player were limited. The first thing you have to do is overcome those limitations. Step by step, find a way out and improve the business performance. The first orders always have to be cared for and noticed. It will set the stage for you to attract customers and strengthen trust.

Idle Space Tycoon mod

Manage spaceships and aircraft factories

Your business in Idle Space Tycoon involves spaceships and airplane factories. Players will use these vehicles to transport goods into space. Spaceships and planes are located in the tower. With different hangars, each aircraft will park there. The ice rink will help the vehicle take off to fulfill each order. The leading player is the manager of this system. You will have to deal with issues related to the completion of each order. Make this system run smoothly and efficiently. From there, earn extra money.

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Business system upgrade

Experiencing a process of activity as the demand for orders has stabilized and grown. Systemic changes are needed to respond to the situation. Upgrading the business system is inevitable. From factors such as pilots, the number of vehicles is something to pay attention to. You can hire a new public fee. Unlock new types of spaceships or build more modern planes. Significantly expanding the area of ​​the tower so that it has improved capacity.

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Invest in research and manufacturing activities

Investment in research and manufacturing is always a wise investment. This game is a way to help players take the initiative in technology. It is the factor that helps your business reach further and be more successful in the field you are pursuing. Download Idle Space Tycoon mod to manage and operate the transportation business model in the universe and become a wealthy tycoon.

Download Idle Space Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited Credits) for Android

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