Idle games: RPG Merge hero MOD APK 2.2 (Menu/High damage)

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NameIdle games: RPG Merge hero APK
PublisherIdle Tower Defense
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/High damage
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The entire Idle games: RPG Merge hero game revolves around the combination. If you want strong heroes, you have to combine heroes. Or, if you want a powerful weapon, you must also combine weapons. Combination mechanics are at the core of Idle games: RPG Merge hero. And what seems to make the game boring takes you on many exciting adventures. All of these adventures take place on an endless stretch of road. It doesn’t take long to explore the lands. You need to create powerful heroes. Adventures and enemies will come to you and let you fight. Elevate everything most idly.

Idle games RPG Merge hero mod

Download Idle games: RPG Merge hero mod – Combine continuously to create authentic power

The mechanics of Idle games: RPG Merge hero are pretty straightforward when the screen is divided into two parts in the game. The above part is the battle journey of the warriors that you will create. The screen below is where you collect materials and buy essential things needed in the battle. The journey of Idle games: RPG Merge hero is never-ending. Enemies will become infinitely stronger, and so will you. Everything will only end when the enemy destroys all your warriors. Don’t worry because you won’t have to start from scratch. You go back and fight the one who took you down. All resources you earn will be kept in the inventory.

Let’s talk about the heroes first because they are the soul of Idle games: RPG Merge hero. The heroes in the game have different backgrounds and stories of their own. You can ignore it and focus on their strength. Hero’s strength is determined by what you combine for them, such as a weapon or any item. When combining, heroes will change their appearance and use the power related to the thing you just connected for them. Because in the game, there are hundreds of items and weapons. The number of unique heroes you can create is immeasurable. Provide more diverse gameplay and tactics in each battle.

Idle games RPG Merge hero mod apk

Unique weapon combinations

Next to creating heroes is creating weapons to equip them. Players will strengthen weapons by combining them to develop new weapons. But to do that, you need to have the original primary weapons, right? Yes, it is, and you will be provided with them at the beginning of the game and during combat. You are given primary weapons such as shields, swords, staffs, bows, wooden sticks, and fish bones… They are the lowest-level weapons. Now combine any two weapons to create a new, higher, and more powerful weapon. For example, two wooden sticks will make a sword. Or two pieces of herringbone make helmets.

Idle games RPG Merge hero mod apk free

Unlock the adventure zone

Idle games: RPG Merge hero takes you through many mysterious lands full of enemies there. To get to a new area, you must defeat the boss that ruled the previous area. From Vast desert, Crystal valley, Moat riverside, Abyssal ice-land, Woodland path… Each land represents a specific climate and topography. The monsters also possess characteristics and powers based on climate and terrain. However, they will also be countered by certain types of heroes. Get your heroes and weapons ready to traverse the many lands. In addition to discovering and killing bosses, gifts are also exciting things for you to aim for. Don’t forget to get extra money to buy new items.

Idle games RPG Merge hero mod free

The most dangerous bosses

The unforgettable highlight of each land you adventure through is the bosses. The developer has created many types of creatures to design the game’s bosses. A giant entity that bears a combination of many animals. Being able to spit fire while possessing ice attacks will be something you’ve never seen before. Or a giant creature that can fly and create large seismic plates on the ground. Confronting bosses will be a challenge that is neither too difficult nor too easy for players. No complicated manipulation or handling is required. You have to create the right power from equipment and warriors to defeat these bosses.

Idle games RPG Merge hero free

Adventure but just being on a single straight road is also enjoyable sometimes. Gives players limitless hero and weapon creation possibilities. Don’t cram in too many complicated elements and mechanisms. From there, you will feel very easy to play and comfortable experiencing anytime. Idle games: RPG Merge hero mod will be a mini-game for you to relax. Immerse yourself in exciting big adventures.

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