Idle Expedition MOD APK 1.0.5 (Menu/Unlimited money, tickets)

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NameIdle Expedition APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money, tickets
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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The lands need to be explored and conquered by adventure gamers. Idle Expedition is a battle-and-adventure building game. Go to war all over the ground where there are some monstrous monsters. It’s fascinating to be part of a game that automates combat. Enjoy all the exciting elements that this game will bring. New game players gradually form gameplay styles. Idle Expedition has many attractive features that a game can get to a unique experience. Just go on an adventure, fight, explore and build a strategy around the character gameplay that the player himself owns. Join the Idle Expedition and challenging obstacles in the widest of lands.

Idle Expedition

Download Idle Expedition mod – Adventure and conquer monsters

A highly typical Idle adventure game is built. Idle Expedition is a fascinating and novel destination for game players who love fighting and adventure to discover new monster lands. It is not easy to quickly go and return safely. Players will always need to develop a thorough strategy and fighting patterns. Depending on the game screen, players will show their new skills, enjoy fighting, and hang up so that the character can automatically fight monsters. Experience the gradually improved modes and systems added to the game Idle Expedition, and step up and start the journey to conquer the lands with evil monsters.

Idle Expedition mod apk free

The heroic qualities and leadership ability are gradually shown in an obvious way. Idle Expedition brings to life the colors of battle with monsters. So do all new initiatives to improve the player’s tactical thinking. Efficiently unleash the most potent characteristics of each character and stage of the action-adventure tactical adventure game Idle Expedition. Time goes by, and milestones and tasks are completed quickly. Finally, beat the challenges with the player’s own superlative gameplay skills.

Extreme battle mode

Save adventures and fight back to continue that journey wherever you can. Enjoy combat modes between heroic characters versus monsters. Travel through strange new lands to discover even more recent construction types. The campaign mode and the maze are typical modes in this Idle Expedition game. Campaign mode gives players precious items. Accompany players in quests for survival battles. The monsters will evolve extremely strangely, making it difficult for the player to play the game. Maze mode, aka Maze Deep, takes players into a fierce arena where the monsters are very different and numerous, not allowing the player’s character to escape.

Idle Expedition mod android

Five key characters

In each battle, players can use up to 5 powerful characters. The actions will have different challenges, with five characters to choose from. From the endless character system in this adventure game, Idle Expedition. Choose and collect the most potent characters possible in the game. Help these characters get stronger and stronger as they advance the numerical levels. The stats accordingly gradually increase with the number of battle characters’ stories. Attached to that will be unique and practical combat skills. The mutant level numbers in this Idle Expedition game are 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30, and the maximum will be 50. The moves will be reached for the characters to use in battles. Fight.

Idle Expedition mod

Adventure map

Go on an adventure across vast lands in this action-packed Idle Expedition game. The large map with hidden areas contains mighty monsters. Improving the character’s power must be genuinely unmatched. Along with that is a specific strategy revolving around five adventure warrior characters. Go on a mission to exterminate the monstrous monsters on the map—fascinating with the adventure of fighting in this Idle Expedition game.

Idle Expedition mod apk

Learn and use a variety of compelling fighting characters in the game. From archers, sworders, priests, magicians, assassins, and countless other warrior characters. Challenge yourself with the lands on the super large map system. Download Idle Expedition mod and join the adventure of fighting and conquering monsters in all lands in the world of the game.

Download Idle Expedition MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money, tickets) for Android

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