Idle Crime Detective Tycoon 0.9.3 MOD APK (Unlimited money)

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NameIdle Crime Detective Tycoon APK
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Are you a student, a student or a working person? Do you have a dream job that you want but can’t do? In the current period, countless new jobs are born according to the development of society, such as shippers. Besides the routine jobs considered standards, such as teachers, doctors, and office workers, there are many other exciting jobs. Sometimes, they must hide their identity and trade their safety for work. Can you guess which occupation is being talked about? That’s what detective work is – a job that is very difficult to do and requires courage. So let’s explore this job with Idle Crime Detective Tycoon.

Idle Crime Detective Tycoon mod

Download Idle Crime Detective Tycoon mod – Run your detective agency

Idle Crime Detective Tycoon was introduced to the market by the cult producer Codigames. Here, you will become a talented detective handling famous cases in the city. In other words, you will be a link in the national law enforcement apparatus. It’s a pretty name. However, at the same time, the responsibility that Idle Crime Detective Tycoon players need to perform is also huge. You must coordinate with other law enforcement and security forces to find the culprit. The sooner the lawbreakers are found, the safer the life of the city’s residents. So let’s start with Idle Crime Detective Tycoon and become the most talented justice enforcer.

Idle Crime Detective Tycoon apk

You must work with local police and levels to find the culprit quickly. At that time, you were just an ordinary detective. However, thanks to the reputation and trust you build, you can gradually open up your detective agency. At that time, at Idle Crime Detective Tycoon, the player’s job was no longer to find the culprit. Learning how to run and manage your detective agency would be best. This type of business is not popular in practice. However, success will come when you try to work with your employees. A talented detective who manages the company well will make many people admire it.

Idle Crime Detective Tycoon mod apk

Hire the best detectives

It can be tough on your own when it comes to significant cases. That’s why the detective agency needed to be created in Idle Crime Detective Tycoon. The detective agency will be the connection between you and like-minded associates. Hire the best experts in the field to solve the mysterious cases that scare many people. And indeed, when there are more teammates, the investigation work will be translated faster. In addition, you should seek out experts in various criminal areas. Because, depending on the case, the perpetrator will have unique characteristics and behaviours. Don’t forget to promote and train the detectives to improve daily.

Idle Crime Detective Tycoon android

Looking for clues

One of the most critical tasks for a detective is finding clues. At Idle Crime Detective Tycoon, your detectives must use every skill to do this. In each case, the traces left by the perpetrator may be different. For example, it could be a fingerprint on a door, a shoe mark on the ground, or a ring accidentally dropped. A good detective will know how to put the details together. Thanks to that, you can find information and build character portraits. This job requires a great deal of logic and guesswork. Therefore, players can significantly improve their thinking by solving cases at Idle Crime Detective Tycoon.

Idle Crime Detective Tycoon apk free

Unmasking criminals through interrogation sessions

Although the clues provide a lot of information about the suspect, you still can’t arrest them immediately. There are many cases where the perpetrator creates fake evidence to blame someone else. That’s why interrogation sessions were born. This is the last step to convict someone before taking them to court. If finding clues requires judgment, interrogation sessions need you to demonstrate an entirely different skill set. That’s how to extract information from the suspect. A good interrogator knows how to ask questions that make the suspect indisputable. At the same time, they will have to tell the truth about their actions.

Idle Crime Detective Tycoon is an exciting simulation game. The work of a detective will bring you a lot of fun. At the same time, it also develops thinking ability and other social skills. Even more remarkable is that you also learn management skills by building a detective agency in this game. Download Idle Crime Detective Tycoon mod and become a talented detective who can solve all cases.

Download Idle Crime Detective Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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