Homo Idles MOD APK 2.85 (Menu PRO/Immortal/High attack/High skill DMG)

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NameHomo Idles APK
PublisherStudio Drill
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Immortal/High attack/High skill DMG
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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What do you do when you are a person with nothing in hand and a weak person? Will you accept the fate of letting others bully you? Or will you find a way to become stronger? If you choose the second path, you must join the role-playing game Homo Idles. In this game, you will be a primitive human. Your surroundings are always full of dangerous monsters. By fighting monsters and upgrading themselves, players will become stronger and stronger. Every step you take is an essential milestone in becoming a true warrior. Get ready for intense battles and build yourself up.

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Download Homo Idles mod – Constantly develop yourself into a strong warrior

When playing the game, you control the character on a vertical screen. There is no manual or guide to help you. So you have to search by yourself and start your journey at random. Players will need to find materials to create weapons and fight monsters that appear around. Living in a dangerous, primitive world, weapons are essential. Initially, you have a simple wooden stick. But if you work hard to find and collect materials, you can create much more powerful weapons. The better the material, the better the weapon.

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The principle to survive in this game is to keep growing. Because if players do not develop themselves, they will be defeated by evil forces. To become more robust, you need to work hard to level up continuously. Levelling up will unlock a lot of necessary fighting and survival skills. The character’s appearance also changes through each level. At the beginning of the game, he wears a simple, primitive shirt. When levelled up, he will have many other costumes such as sailor in the moon, captain America, robot, ninja. Many different costumes are also less funny. So level up your character a lot to discover them all.

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Crafting weapons and armour

Resources in the game are abundant and diverse. You can make a lot of great equipment for yourself from them. In addition to making weapons, you also need to create protective armour. Armours made from different materials will have different colours, shapes, and protections. Some armours help the character to accelerate very quickly. Other sets bring super good resistance or can even release lightning that deals continuous damage. As for weapons, you initially only have a stick made of twigs. After being upgraded, it can turn into a sharp sword. It can even turn into a magic wand.

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Fierce boss battle

Boss battles are what make fighting role-playing games the trademark. Homo Idles also includes a lot of great boss battles. The bosses are all big and can deal more damage than tiny monsters. The boss monsters are very diverse, many types. The King Golem boss can summon stones and spirits. It and its numerous minions will make you tremble in fear. Be brave and handle them calmly. A strategy that combines weapons, pets and skillful control will still help you win.

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Items and pets

The journey in Homo Idles seemed infinitely long. Thanks to that, players can ultimately collect all weapons and own the skills of the game. Let’s go to the dungeons, where the forgotten treasure is. Conquer bosses of different types. The reward when the player wins is a legendary item. They are currently sealed and waiting for you to open them. Possessing legendary items gives you a lot of power and advantages. Besides the main character, you can also raise pets. They will support you in battle. Your battles are no longer lonely with them.

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Your process from a primitive man to a warrior will be fraught with difficulties and challenges. However, they bring the excitement that is hard to resist. Do not stop working, searching, fighting to upgrade yourself. Instead, own yourself the most potent weapons and equipment. No monsters or bosses can stop you if you carefully prepare the above steps and have a reasonable strategy. Download Homo Idles mod and fight with the original hero, defeating all the most dangerous monsters.

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