Homo Evolution: Human Origins 1.6.6 MOD APK (Unlimited gold, diamonds)

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NameHomo Evolution: Human Origins APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited gold, diamonds
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Create your world with a multitude of creatures, including humans. Homo Evolution: Human Origins is yours, creating the life of all things. New individuals appear the player will help it maintain life. From animals to humans, the player himself will create all the species on Earth. Homo Evolution: Human Origins is one of those games that recreate their development. Players will be able to promote their development, creating more diverse species.

Homo Evolution Human Origins mod download

Download Homo Evolution: Human Origins mod – The process of creating species on Earth

Explore a vast world and learn new things. You absolutely can do miracles right at Homo Evolution: Human Origins. The game gives players good gameplay, freely creating what they want. Start with the process of breeding animals, even humans. These things seem impossible, don’t they? But when it comes to Homo Evolution: Human Origins, you will do it easily. Research and breed new animals, let them thrive. Gain a better understanding of the origins of man, creating the multitude of species you want. You can come to Human Evolution Clicker to learn more about the evolution of diverse creatures.

Homo Evolution Human Origins mod android

Going through many different stages to form the human race. Have you ever wondered what the process of human development is like? Homo Evolution: Human Origins is also one of the answers for you. At the same time, it is a game that gives players high entertainment, forming a world with animals. From one individual and into different animals. If you are learning about this field, do not ignore Homo Evolution: Human Origins. Just participating in entertainment and creating animals, especially humans.

Homo Evolution Human Origins mod apk

Primitive period

This is the first period, creatures will appear in the form of eggs. They are the premise to create the development for later animals. Players will need to touch each egg for them to hatch. Each egg will hatch into a different animal. Each egg will appear in every location and the player needs to touch all of them. The more animals you hatch, the more bonuses you will receive. Therefore, taking advantage of all the eggs that appear will help you get a high income. Evolving from embryos to individuals, the process will take place over some time. Continue to the subsequent development process and breed other species.

Homo Evolution Human Origins mod

Combine individuals

When the eggs hatch and form animals, you can thoroughly combine them together. Touch two individuals to create a new one. Very easy for you to do with simple operation. Promotes breeding with a multitude of different species. The process works and takes place continuously. The number of eggs is limitless, providing the player with breeding, at the same time creating an ecosystem with a full range of diverse animals. Open up a world that was never there before. A world of your own and the freedom to do what you want. Continuously tap the eggs to hatch a large number of new creatures. The money from there will also increase, creating many species and diverse races.

Homo Evolution Human Origins mod free

Civilized world

The money gained from creating successful instances will be the way to get you to many locations. Go to other planets and research new species. Each place will have a different natural and climate condition, which also affects the evolutionary process. Unexpected transformations also help players create many unique creatures. Make a world with rich animals. At the same time, constantly evolving to develop a civilization. From the lizards themselves and to the birth of man. Going through a long process with many different periods. From the beginning to the creation of a period of civilized development. The works since then also began to be born, new human inventions. A modern world, many spectacular scientific achievements. Download Homo Evolution: Human Origins mod to evolve the future of humanity, the origin of all things.

Download Homo Evolution: Human Origins MOD APK (Unlimited gold, diamonds) for Android

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