Hide N Seek: Mini Game 7.9.1 MOD APK (Menu PRO/Unlimited money, points/VIP/Weapon enabled)

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NameHide N Seek: Mini Game APK
PublisherFinger Legend Inc.
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Unlimited money, points/VIP/Weapon enabled
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Hide N Seek: Mini Game where you build your home blueprints, bringing new inventions to this world. You are free to design the place you want to live, equipping yourself with home appliances to facilitate living. Along with what you are trying, you are about to own a spacious and modern house. All your actions are aimed at building a home-building journey. Live with friends and make them feel at home here. Play with many others to enjoy the most memorable moment. There is so much to do around you, and the initial process is always a difficult step to build.

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Download Hide N Seek: Mini Game mod – Enter the design playground

Not only houses but anything you can build. Hide N Seek: Mini Game gives you a lot of land to show off your design skills, and creativity will be fully promoted. High-rise houses are gradually being built, making friends with neighbors to know more things. Even walking on the street, you earn valuable trophies for your home. Countless new maps are updated for you to exploit, diving into each place for various experiences. To achieve many achievements, you must keep yourself alive against dangers. In addition to building, you also have to kill enemies to protect your territory.

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Unique designs are born one after another, and you are the author of that art. Diverse in shapes and colors, every space you enter is filled with light. The steps are also fine-tuned, placing each texture to make the house more beautiful. Every detail will be in the form of a puzzle piece put together, looking like classic games. Meet many new friends, make friends and visit each other’s houses, and enjoy ourselves together. Hang out or explore the market together, exploring the open spaces. Build high-rise buildings at the base, and create life everywhere you go.

Hide N Seek Mini Game mod

Build your own house

Your design ability is revealed and maximized to achieve many achievements. Classic or modern are both great options for your ideas. Come with more artwork, design every little detail in the room. Arrange, arrange bookshelves, desk shelves, or televisions, things that seem simple but need to be planned. Each room has a different area depending on your mining ability. Build the inside and the outside of the house’s porch to make everything complete. Each home will contribute to your wealth as well as a place for you to invite friends to play.

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Play with many people around the world

Hide N Seek: Mini Game creates a playground connecting many people worldwide, bringing together people passionate about design. You are one of them and are making new friends. It could be simple greetings, then getting to know each other and becoming close friends. Each player has a unique name, displayed at the top so players can distinguish it. Both men and women can create a home, leading to many beautiful experiences. Chat with each other to make an impression, leaving the other a bit special. Yes, you have succeeded in making friends and maintaining a long-term relationship.

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Kill the target

Having built your own house, you begin to work to destroy the opponent. The people you meet can be good or bad, confidently divide them into two factions to facilitate your plan. Hunting is also the time for you to accumulate resources and experience many other spaces. On each trip, you have found a new map, go there and smash rocks like primitive people. Go straight to the areas where opponents are waiting; kill in many ways. Mainly fighting with solid hands, ensuring everything stays safe until the end of the match. Be careful if many enemies are exploring and want to take over your territory.

Hide N Seek: Mini Game hides in an ample map space with beautiful designs. The homes in your name are being improved and expanded much more than the first. Now that you are familiar with the construction operations, quickly complete them. Many beautiful pre-established grounds are just waiting for you to explore. The diverse age generation you may encounter in this game. Be sure to make friends with them, but have a backup plan. Download Hide N Seek: Mini Game mod to create your empire in many styles and protect yourself.

Download Hide N Seek: Mini Game MOD APK (Menu PRO/Unlimited money, points/VIP/Weapon enabled) for Android

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