Heroes Strike MOD APK 524 (Map hack)

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NameHeroes Strike APK
PublisherWolffun Pte Ltd
MOD FeaturesMap hack
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Heroes Strike a survival game between heroes; each side uses guns to defend. Overcoming the challenges that the game poses, you will go to glory and become the top. The never-ending competitions and team playing make the whole match crowded with heroes. You adjust your warrior to the challenge and devise a wise strategy to win. Success will be shown on the screen when you destroy an enemy. Coming to times of dispute, you get more experience than you can imagine. Survive the longest of the war, and you will collect many bonuses, which means a quick upgrade.

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Download Heroes Strike mod – Start the survival shooting battle

It only takes 10 seconds for you to accept a challenge from your opponent and has 4 minutes to show your strength. How many forces do you have to send out? First, choose the most powerful warrior to join. Using guns is the main thing, so two hands and two guns are natural. The guns are well designed, carrying more power than you think. The battles exploded with the smoke of bullets, and the rumbling sound continued non-stop. When directly participating, you will see the fierceness of each opponent, and they shoot very enthusiastically. With many challenges, you must conquer many objects simultaneously, but that is the real battle to the death in your career.

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Heroes Strike creates battles with towers, and this is also a way for you to protect yourself. Every force prepares those towers to support themselves in action, so it is also easy to be destroyed. Survival here is the highest priority; if you win, you will have the opportunity to become a king; if you lose, accept the end. The rankings change constantly, and the strength of each object also increases rapidly. You run to speed up to the opponent and shoot continuously so as not to miss a beat. The combat skills will improve gradually over time; the first time, you can’t do it the next time, so invest in your hero.

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Improve hero skills

Heroes Strike opens a system of more than 40 types of heroes for players to discover. Many miracles are still behind the challenge that needs you to exploit, especially the warrior image. You can own those heroes, depending on your ability. When you have a lot of money and are eligible to conquer, that warrior will belong to you. But daily, you must have a skill development strategy for it. Through the installation of additional support mode when shooting, using unique energy in an emergency. Besides adding strength through each outfit, a weapon is also a way for you to upgrade. Do everything to raise the hero’s fighting skills.

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Play on multiple modes

Players will experience many modes; each game screen is held in different locations. Heroes Strike gives you a choice like Super Star, Battle Royale, Death Match, or Tower. Each mode is a separate challenge space, whether on the island, in the city, or playing in tower mode. The more forms you experience, the more diverse combat abilities you get. Each arena is a map, and you also conquer each level. Configuration changes; your talent also needs to improvise flexibly. Players cannot be confined to a single strategy; expand and have many types of combat to succeed at the earliest.

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Team up with friends

Heroes Strike allows players to make friends and create teammates. Having bright members is always the goal when you team up. Strong warriors are always prioritized, giving you an advantage. In the same team, agreeing on how to play and a thorough strategy is necessary. You can’t play with people who don’t cooperate, want to separate, you can’t make friends. Players also need to be carefully selected because it will decide their fate. Each character has a different color, fighting and winning. Play with friends or independently, depending on the player’s ability. No matter which mode you play, you need to score very high to receive rewards.

Heroes Strike an uproar of elite heroes in the arenas. You and your warriors will take on the challenge and complete it. Equip heroes with many skills to make them stronger. The superiority of each warrior will help you win the overall victory. Nine arenas with nine rankings for you to quickly conquer the final destination. Always put life first, determined to defeat all enemies. Easy control with on-screen shortcuts, flexible when using weapons. Determined to fight all, not afraid of any opponent. Download Heroes Strike mod and enter the ultimate survival shooting battle of history.

Download Heroes Strike MOD APK (Map hack) for Android

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