Harvest It! Manage your own farm 1.17.1 MOD APK (Unlimited money, high harvest)

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NameHarvest It! Manage your own farm APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, high harvest
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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The pressure of work and life makes you tired and depressed. Would you like to return to a rural village and enjoy the exciting life on a farm you own? This question is sure to get a lot of yes answers. But if you think you have little chance of realizing that dream, let Harvest It! Manage your farm mod helps you. This farm management simulation game will bring a lot of memorable moments and joy in life. It will be an effective solution for you to relax and enjoy life after hard working hours. Come and experience the great things that Harvest It! Manage your farm can generate.

Harvest It Manage your own farm mod

Download Harvest It! Manage your farm mod – Farm management simulation game

The virtual world in Harvest It! Managing your farm will turn the player into a farm boss. In this world you will have access to all the exciting activities on a farming farm. As the owner, you are the factor that will create long-term changes and the development of an entire system. Undertake and complete jobs from planting, harvesting, and processing to a profitable business. These seemingly simple and familiar tasks make you confused and encounter many difficulties, especially for those who have no experience in the field of agriculture.

Harvest It Manage your own farm mod apk

With Harvest It! Manage your farm gamers enjoy the large spaces. It includes a system of seasonal crops. No one else, but the player himself, will be the one to make the farm’s crop ecosystem diverse. Capture the growth and sowing time of each crop. This is the basis for players to know what to plant at the right time. Only in this way can productivity and yield be achieved with high efficiency. Do not think that farming does not require intelligence. Not only do you have to stay up late and get up early, but you also have to make wise calculations. It is the basis that brings bountiful crops. Harvest It! Managing your farm is your chance to become a real farmer.

Harvest It Manage your own farm mod android

Harvesting crops

The purpose of sowing is to reap. After many days of complex care and anticipation, it’s time to receive the results. Players will proceed to harvest the crops they have planted. This process takes time and tools to support the harvest. Crops that are full-day and mature should be harvested first. If you miss the time, that crop may be damaged. And if that happens, the player’s long-term care will be in vain. Sickles and baskets will always accompany you during the harvest. In addition, there is the support of animals such as dogs, rabbits, chickens…

Harvest It Manage your own farm mod download

Business for profit

Soon your stock of crops is entire. In addition to meeting the subsistence demand for the system on the farm, you still have a surplus. So why not think about making a profit? Not a bad business idea, right? Please bring them to market areas and supermarkets and sell them for money. Your earnings will increase day by day. If your farm has a regular source of trade goods, you can soon become a millionaire.

Harvest It Manage your own farm mod free

Build and upgrade

Construction and upgrading are two mandatory elements for a farm system. Funding to do this is based on the money earned from selling crops. You can purchase more tools and machinery for harvesting and processing crops. Build larger warehouses. These activities will make the farm more modern and professional. Download Harvest It! Manage your own farm mod farm management and exciting experience activities in agriculture.

Download Harvest It! Manage your own farm MOD APK (Unlimited money, high harvest) for Android

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