Happy Happens MOD APK 1.5.5442 (Unlimited money)

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NameHappy Happens APK
PublisherNakusi Development Limited
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Change is inevitable for everyone. Peace is good, but we can’t hold on to something forever. Change can bring happiness and better opportunities to everyone. Do you believe this? Happy Happens will help you point out the positives of change. Let’s try this exciting game produced by Nakusi Development Limited company. Happy Happens quickly attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of users since its launch in July 2022. Nice graphics and simple gameplay help this game score points for all ages. Now let’s solve puzzles and discover a change with Happy Happens.

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Download Happy Happens mod – Solve addictive puzzles

In Happy Happens, players need to start by solving tricky puzzles. You will encounter a puzzle board with many squares put together. Make the necessary moves to make connections between tiles of the same color, of the same type. They can be clothes, combs, paintbrushes, or anything else. Completing challenges helps you collect them to serve the change process. Help support players; Happy Happens also has several enhancements, such as dryers and irons, … They will help you complete the challenge faster. To ensure the task is done right, look at the left side of the screen. There will show the goal that you need to accomplish. At the same time, it is also a customer order. Download Happy Happens mod – Solve addictive puzzles

Happy Happens apk

While playing Happy Happens, you will meet many exciting customers. They are all having difficulties in life, so they want to find a change. You are their savior. Listen to your customers’ stories and help them fulfill their wishes. Happy Happens also has a medal race for the most expert puzzlers. To win this prize, the player needs to pass the levels with the least number of attempts. Sure, the medal will come with valuable gifts. Best of all, you can beat a puzzle in one go. Then, the player has more support items in addition to the reward. Well worth the effort, isn’t it?

Happy Happens mod apk

Home Refurbishment

Your clients at Happy Happens may have many different aspirations. Most of them want to have a beautifully decorated house. Many people have trouble keeping the furniture neatly organized in a small room. Please help them choose the sofas, shelves, and perfect cabinets. These items can be earned by winning Happy Happens puzzles. Besides choosing the right furniture for the area of ​​the room, you should also pay attention to the harmony of their colors. Another customer also wants to return to his passion for music. Help them create a splendid stage with real drums, guitars, and microphones.

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Choose gorgeous outfits

In addition to interior decoration, Happy Happens has many other tasks. For example, the girls who usually wear jeans and this T-shirt want to become more fashionable. The player will act as a stylist to coordinate the character’s clothes at that time. You must complete the puzzle quest to collect dresses and clothes successfully to have a wide selection of costumes. In addition, accessories such as shoes and bags are equally important. Clothes play a big part in making a girl beautiful. Make this costume revolution until the customer is satisfied and wants to return to your studio. Happy Happens has a variety of styles, from classic and luxurious to modern and sexy.

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Pretty makeup

If the girls want to make a complete makeover, some costumes cannot help them realize that dream. You should advise customers on makeup layouts that match their chosen outfits. No matter how sexy the body is, people still want to see a radiant face with it. Happy Happens allows you to become a skilled makeup artist. Players can do much more than contouring, brushing cheeks, and eyeliner. A makeup artist at Happy Happens can even take on the hairstylist role. After the changes in appearance, a lot of opportunities can appear. Who knows, your client might become a famous future actor.

Happy Happens is a puzzle game for all ages. In particular, girls may like this game because it has many attractive decorative and beautifying elements. Thus, Happy Happens helps players develop their thinking through solving puzzles and allows everyone to unleash their beauty. Download Happy Happens mod to overcome all available challenges and help customers change.

Download Happy Happens MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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