Guardian Girls: Astral Battle MOD APK 0.9.6 (Immortal/High damage/Unlimited money)

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NameGuardian Girls: Astral Battle APK
PublisherHi-Clay Games
MOD FeaturesImmortal/High damage/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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A setting familiar to fans of the fighting genre anime. Guardian Girls: Astral Battle puts you in battles where you must show off your dodge skills as best you can. Produced by a not-so-famous publisher, the attraction is guaranteed to be huge. Freely control the girls in an intuitive combat environment. Can you protect the world and move towards a new peace? Your skills and reflexes will decide all. Guardian Girls: Astral Battle is a collection of battles that require maximum concentration. A single moment of neglect can cost you the whole game. Strong, lovely girls will accompany you.

Guardian Girls Astral Battle mod

Download Guardian Girls: Astral Battle mod – Real combat with talented pilots

Inspired by many other classic aircraft shooting games, Guardian Girls: Astral Battle focuses all combat in the air. In which players control modern spaceships to shoot down enemies. If you are wondering what is the enemy we have to face. Then it was the Astral Spirit Legion. They came from space and wanted to invade the earth as part of their plan to conquer the universe. But unfortunately for them, this planet is inhabited by humans. They will not easily let their world fall into the hands of a strange enemy. So a fierce battle went on for a very long time. Now you will be the one to end it.

Use your finger to move your spaceship around the screen. That is very important in dodging enemy attacks. The entire Guardian Girls: Astral Battle game requires you to defeat the alien Astral Spirit. Their technology is something beyond human imagination. Possessing attack corps in every position. However, it is not impossible to defeat them. Young female airmen are the earth’s remaining hope. You will play these characters and fly the spaceships directly into the battlefield. Shoot down all enemy forces and solve the mission to protect the earth.

Guardian Girls Astral Battle mod apk

The most important characters

Four young female pilots are the main characters of Guardian Girls: Astral Battle. All of them possess the excellent natural fighting ability. The only difference is in the fighting style of each person. It was Necta, a brave pilot with a knack for rushing toward the enemy in combat. Mikan, Mao, and Ghina are also individuals with many other highlights. Each person will control their spaceship. Fighting to certain stages will unlock all playable characters. Each character’s spaceship has its ammo type and attack style. You’ll pick a pilot you like best or fight anyone interested in.

Guardian Girls Astral Battle mod apk free

Improved fighting strength

Not too many surprises when the enemy gets stronger through many game stages. This both creates new challenges for gamers and motivates them to upgrade their side’s strength. After each battle, you get energy cores and a specific amount. These are, of course, used to boost the spacecraft. Increase the essential and unique stats such as damage per shot, bullet rate, and movement speed to dodge attacks; Everything is concretized with resources and money. You will see the change when directly fighting. Even upgrades on the battlefield are equally important.

Guardian Girls Astral Battle mod free

Effective momentary change

On a level, when you overcome an enemy attack, you will be given a beneficial effect. Either it helps to increase the rate of fire of the bullets or splits the bullets into three directions to deal more damage, increase damage and add adverse effects on enemies. This upgrade is significant and only lasts for the duration of the battle. When you complete the level, they will disappear. There is no particular order for the appearance of these upgrades. But you will need them when facing dangerous bosses at the end of the battle. All that but creating an indescribable attraction of the game to the player.

Satisfied by fighting to repel the alien army invading the earth. Get acquainted with the genius pilots to increase the power of the human side to the maximum. Guardian Girls: Astral Battle is a game you will need a lot of skill to play. However, they are not too tricky to master in the long run. Download Guardian Girls: Astral Battle mod now to get arbitrary powers. Help you overcome all tough battles with the most dangerous mysterious force.

Download Guardian Girls: Astral Battle MOD APK (Immortal/High damage/Unlimited money) for Android

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