GOD OF MAGIC MOD APK 3.1 (Menu/Unlimited money/Free subscription packs)

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CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money/Free subscription packs
SupportAndroid 4.2+
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GOD OF MAGIC explores interesting fantasy stories, especially since you have the choice to end all problems. You control this game, free to conquer what you can. As the final decision maker, you have to take responsibility for it, don’t hide. Many horror and mysterious details appear, stimulating the curiosity of players. Good books have also been written in your style, each player can experience that feeling. An adventure full of magic but still hidden with a certain authenticity. Challenge yourself in turns, competing against other players independently.

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Download GOD OF MAGIC mod – Try your hand at many mini-games

GOD OF MAGIC integrates many games, you can explore each challenge to see which task suits you best. It can be as simple as jumping in the air, tapping the screen to jump on the previously arranged ladders, and getting diamonds. Or the game of shooting marbles, shooting as many squares as possible while the marbles are still in the sky. Or shoot the opponent, a familiar action genre. Ride the phoenix far away, joining you in every challenge. No matter which turns you play, you can bring back your score, improving the level you are progressing to. If done well, your name will appear in the rankings quickly.


The path you choose to adventure will have different experiences. For example, you enter the dark, where the most dangerous elements can occur. Your mission is to rescue the young witch trapped, if successful, it will give you what you need. A challenging journey with various games also helps you discover many new rules. The challenge screens are elaborately arranged and require a particular sensitivity. The intense battles with monsters are also extremely intense. You need to ensure your life to the last second, all your downfalls make this world a darker place, don’t let that happen.

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Give decision

You are empowered to decide the course of the story of GOD OF MAGIC. The information to understand the plot will be presented as messages between two people. Through that, you will determine what to do for the upcoming mission. One example is the main story; the three side stories complement each other so you can catch the happenings. Gripping, funny, and horror are all there; which genre do you like? A fantasy world with mysterious, historical characters with much to explore. With the options presented, you have to pick and wait for the next event. Make the final decision, you must rescue those trapped.

GOD OF MAGIC mod apk

Conquer the map

The levels of GOD OF MAGIC are also shown through challenging maps. Events happen in order, you should feel better gradually. This journey is thorny, but you get countless surprises through reading the stories. Level up your skills through unlocking, casting spells, and logical problem-solving. Even unlocking the next chapter requires meticulousness. The game gives you the key, but you must stop at the right time when the key turns to the hole, so you can successfully open it. Wander the island, discover each attraction, and accumulate into your collection.


Improve skills

If you level a top-notch teen, you will be called a god. Once so ordained, you must worthily act in this adventure. At this point, players can tame a dragon, handle opponents quickly and achieve many other achievements. Moreover, the rewards and trophies will also belong to you soon. Explore the entire dungeon, and go around the island to find the best territory. The vast open space awaits your visit, and so do the stories. Magical gods are also conquered by you, drawing power to yourself. Finally, rea and interact with the story to receive the ability to upgrade skills.

GOD OF MAGIC is authorized to write the fantasy novel story. Things that aren’t real but are incredibly real. You can explore many roads and experience different challenges without duplication. Freedom and self-responsibility for your decisions no matter the outcome. The journey is encapsulated in small but decisive games in boss battles. Playing the character for a long time but without feeling bored at all. Download GOD OF MAGIC mod, and explore exciting fantasy stories.

Download GOD OF MAGIC MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money/Free subscription packs) for Android

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