Goblins Wood MOD APK 1.2.0 (Unlimited money/Instant destroy)

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NameGoblins Wood APK
PublisherMobile publicum
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Instant destroy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Goblins Wood gives you the role of elves but does not bring fear to humans. Your daily task is to collect wood and plant a forest with many trees. You need to own a large piece of land, from a small to a vast forest. Your property is built on solid brown wooden slats, which you will harvest from the trees you grow. Regularly participate in this tree-planting activity daily, and get rich thanks to them. More challenging levels but not too stressful; you can handle it. Enjoy exciting experiences related to woods and woods with the goblin character.

Goblins Wood

Download Goblins Wood mod – Build an enormous wooden empire

You will be the one to build your property directly. Each harvest is a large cart full of wood, making you feel the outstanding growth of your product. The plants you plant will be numbered, which helps you distinguish which plants are newly planted and which are nearing harvest date. Just plant the right seed, take good care of it and watch it grow. The tree formation also happens quickly, so please join every day. Life in the forest becomes more and more enjoyable with the activities you approach. There will be many rewards to complement your progress.

Goblins Wood apk free

An empire of its own needs to show the area and the number of crops. An empty piece of land will have about 50 trees at a time; you can plant it continuously, so there is no gap. The harvest also happens quickly; tons of wood are cut every day. The amount of money you earn also increases rapidly, rich will be at the top of the rankings. Each harvested tree will leave a root with a coin next to it and collect them to get farming land for the next batch. The process is so simple but extremely attractive. Each player has a different way of producing and planting forests, creating a big difference from other players.

Goblins Wood apk

Unlock upgrade cards

Your elves own diamonds of great value; you need to collect them for the collection. Players upgrade cards for themselves to advance to newer levels. New abilities will also be improved. Accordingly, opening cards is essential. The colorful stones are flipped open one by one; you will enjoy each new challenging level. Combine your elves to possess a unique kind of power. With great talents, you will be idler in harvesting and increasing production. Synchronized throughout the system with expensive cards, you will feel the elves’ power in the following levels.

Goblins Wood mod apk

Rotation luck

Goblins Wood has created a wheel of fortune for players to access the rewards. It would be best if you had them improve this game, but the product is still expensive. Be it goblin cards, diamonds, or extra time to produce. These valuable bonuses usually appear twice on a spin so that you can hit anything. The rotation is so broad; why don’t you join, right? Just press the arrow in the center of the screen, wait for it to rotate, and bring back the gift. Simple and easy to get, but usually only once a week, don’t miss the opportunity.

Goblins Wood mod

Exploit many new lands

The planting of this forest shows no sign of stopping, meaning you are still working with it day by day. Players should exploit new territories to expand their area. You are interested in the final number, so the more advanced the region, the stronger it is. You can’t stay in the original piece of land that Goblins Wood gave you. It would be best if you increased other areas and automatically raised your name. Standing in many new territories, you also become the leaderboard leader. Make your elves productive. All exciting challenges are waiting for you; run fast to keep up with the progress.

Goblins Wood is next to the green forest, harvesting the amount of wood you want. Build a whole factory to produce the wood you’ve just accumulated. Enjoy many challenging levels; each round requires a different amount, increasing gradually. Difficulty you will feel right away but still try to overcome from the first play. Possessing a solid goblin will force it to reach a high level, satisfying the game’s requirements. Thanks to your care, you decide the fate of this forest, grow or not. Download Goblins Wood mod, and build a professional wood production facility with merry elves.

Download Goblins Wood MOD APK (Unlimited money/Instant destroy) for Android

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