Goblin Dungeon 1.0.4 MOD APK (Unlimited money)

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NameGoblin Dungeon APK
PublisherLoongcheer Game
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The Goblin Dungeon protects the dungeon from human encroachment, destroying them whenever they appear. You are the witch, the head of the demon tribe underground, and you do not allow anyone to infiltrate this place. When humans arrive, all wars will take place. Indeed, the people have come, the disputes have begun to stir up, and the forces are proving their strength. With the moves of a talented witch, you always make the game explode. Besides, earning a lot of bonuses will help you reach the top. Just touch the screen continuously, and the enemy will also be destroyed, making thousands of coins daily.

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Download Goblin Dungeon mod – Defeat the humans in the dungeon

The underground dungeon is ruled by you, and humans have no reason to trespass. But they still stubbornly do it; you will not let it stand up. Summon all monster heroes to come face-to-face with the enemy. Here, each side shows its brilliant tactics, and no one gives up. The main goal is to protect the kingdom, not to let any damage happen. But it was also inevitable because the onslaught of humans was too fierce. You will also have to stand up on your own and control an entire army behind you to join against the enemy. Take out your sword and sword to serve the fight; keep moving forward if you don’t want to be counterattacked.

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Your successful battle is also thanks to a part of the magic you possess. As a witch, magic doesn’t matter to you; what matters is how you use it. Fighting with teammates should be highly concerned with their lives, dividing the battles but still need to choose carefully. Lead your team to glory first, chase humans out of dungeons. Thus, you both receive a massive bonus while preserving the integrity of the jail. This is where you’ve lived for so long that you can’t lose it quickly. Think of a strategy to defeat humans as soon as possible, do not delay in any stage.

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Monster hero gathering

Goblin Dungeon has created a whole system of monster heroes for you to choose from. You will not need to be afraid of your opponent because you already have the power behind you. Your task is to summon them and turn them into your possession as soon as possible. Possibly the walking skulls will directly stand in the way of humans at the first steps. Next is receiving a counterattack from muscular heroes possessing massive bodies. Players are entirely assured of their fighting ability, each with its strength. You need to upgrade them continuously and transform them to become more and more powerful. A whole sky of power is about to explode; bring them to victory now!

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Explore the underground space

Usually, other games will take you to the battlefield to fight, but Goblin Dungeon will lead you to the dungeon. This is where you take ownership so you can act freely. Even though it’s my territory, I haven’t been able to explore it yet fully. In addition, people are treacherous, so they will also find every corner of the basement to invade; you destroy them is also a condition to explore. The light at each point is different, sometimes it’s bright, and sometimes it’s just dark. Darkness prevails here, combined with your ferocious monsters. The arrival of humans makes them angry, and the human race pays the price under your guidance.

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Territory upgrades

The place you live in was originally just a simple dungeon without any charm, but your appearance has changed everything. Goblin Dungeon permits you to develop every nook and cranny in this place. From home with only a wooden shelter, but gradually became an underground palace. It shows your talent as a team leader and your epic journey to earn coins. The money you earn is spent on upgrading the dungeon and giving the monster hero a strong development. The land is expanded, more spacious, and must be kept more carefully. Go through each level to see the dramatic change in the wizard’s kingdom.

Goblin Dungeon with you to explore the mysterious plot behind it. Under the dungeon, there are also many different floors, and each floor will be associated with each event. Players explore each location to understand this dark world better. The battles against the human enemies of the monsters took place regularly. You also rush to lead the way for the heroes to break through successfully. A large map is waiting for you to experience and conquer them all. Download Goblin Dungeon mod, protect the magic dungeon from enemy invasion.

Download Goblin Dungeon MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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