GiantN 1.0.4 MOD APK (Menu PRO/One hit kill/Disabled normal attack)

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NameGiantN APK
PublisherSingta Inc.
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/One hit kill/Disabled normal attack
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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GiantN conducts battles between hostile forces and epic developments on a large scale. The lands are mined in different ways, depending on your ability. Players lead an entire army and devise bold strategies not to be defeated in front of opponents. In dramatic competition times, no one would give up and leave a worthy ending. With a powerful force that always wins the championship, other opponents can only look up. The main goal when coming here is that you do it, defeat all kinds of enemies in the world. Defend yourself, your army, and the vast territory in your possession.

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Download GiantN mod – Join the battle of giants

GiantN specializes in collecting giant heroes, and the opponent is no less competitive. As the leader, you need to care about your army more and upgrade them with the best version. What you should do is train warriors and provide them with weapons. Get ready for an explosive battle, the sound screaming with hatred. You fight like real heroes, hoping to reach the championship. The hero cards are released one after another, and the correct strategy is the perfect combination. You should know how to choose a method to challenge and enjoy the most heroic moments of the match; otherwise, it will be a pity.

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With endless wars, the power of both sides has been reduced. GiantN knew that in advance, allowing players to restore each member’s function. With the supporting energy and weapons system, the hero’s strength has significantly improved. Power will continually be upgraded depending on your condition, and many trophies are exchanged for things beneficial to the hero. Expensive items are admitted when you win a previous match. With big games, you may fail the first time, but you will still get there if you try. Success is always waiting for you; the champion title is looking for someone who deserves it.

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Power upgrading

The hero cards are designed in detail by GiantN, and each character has its color. Foresee that they will bring different types of power but need to find the strength. When you grasp the hilt, you will bring the army up. Powers, weapons, and costumes can all be improved or changed. It would help if you collected what the best ad most secure for the war is. Unlock more support energy to boost your fighting spirit. Strength alone is not enough to fight evil demons, and strategy is needed. Playing technique is also your natural strength, and it is also enhanced after a long time of playing.

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Giant opponent

The bosses in GiantN always make you surprised and overwhelmed by their awesomeness. With a muscular body, superior survival skills are already a great strength. They are confident with it and ready to crush you within a note. Clash with powerful bosses to know how far you can improve gradually. Fierce competition just for the sake of victory and available resources. They are expensive items that help improve strength, so it is worth stealing on your side. The match was held from accepting the challenge, and the task of defeating the boss was given top priority. Smash the giant monsters out of the world; you succeed.

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Experience each level

Players will fight the most glorious battle in history, overcoming the previous manageable levels. If you succeed in this match, you have the opportunity to unlock a new tournament. At the same time, the hero characters will also be revealed and owned by you. Join the endless battle to feel every fierce moment unfold. Later, the game mechanism is renewed, advanced, and challenging but extremely attractive. With familiar gameplay, it will be challenging to reach new heights, needing top-notch tactics. Only then can the major tournaments succeed; the championship title will last. Experience and explore each piece of land, each interface, and exciting new levels.

GiantN breaks warriors’ comfort zone, taking them to new heights. If promoted in the best way, the heroic force is always safe. The deep combat mechanics will make things complicated and require a capable person. The experience accumulated through many matches helps you to be more confident and overcome more obstacles. The opponents are also preparing for the game, and so are you. Everything will return to its orbit if you complete the task of quelling the rebellion. Download GiantN mod, compete evenly with opponents, and create your position on the battlefield.

Download GiantN MOD APK (Menu PRO/One hit kill/Disabled normal attack) for Android

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