Galaxy Strike B52 32 MOD APK (Unlimited money)

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NameGalaxy Strike B52 APK
PublisherBall Game team
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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None of us understand the galaxy. However, every time we mention it, we think of the twinkling of the stars. Usually, the things that are hard to reach are what people want to conquer the most. However, the cost of space travel is not tiny. Moreover, you must possess qualified health and be licensed before you want to fly into space. So is there an easier way for humans to explore the universe? Just try to come to the simulation universe in the action game called Galaxy Strike B52. This game was produced by the company Ball Game Team and released to the public at the end of 2020.

Galaxy Strike B52 mod

Download Galaxy Strike B52 mod – Intergalactic battle

Galaxy Strike B52 is the perfect choice for those who love shooting games in space. Although the name may seem strange, you will find the Galaxy Strike B52 extremely familiar when you download it. Especially for those of you who have played chicken shooting games, adapting to Galaxy Strike B52 will be very easy. In this game, you need to control your spaceship to shoot down enemies. They are the obstacles to your journey to conquer the universe. Attack and defense should be two parallel tasks. Besides shooting bullets to destroy the enemy, players need to dodge and avoid all the rain of bullets from the enemy. In terms of controls, you need to touch, swipe or hold to master your spaceship.

Galaxy Strike B52 apk

The manufacturer in multiplayer mode designs Galaxy Strike B52. You are allowed to invite your friends to join the confrontation with you. Let’s fight and challenge to see who will own the highest score. The levels in Galaxy Strike B52 are also countless. You will feel like this is an endless game. Adding to the heat of the battle is the catchy and catchy background music. You also get a sense of awe with the beautifully designed graphics and amazing combat effects of the Galaxy Strike B52. Colorful lights always accompany the waves of bombs. In particular, Galaxy Strike B52 allows users to experience without an internet connection.

Galaxy Strike B52 mod apk

Spaceship option

In Galaxy Strike B52, there are ten types of spaceships for players to choose from. Each will have its distinctive features that are ideally suited for combat functionality. Unlocking these spaceships will happen when you reach a certain level. In particular, after unlocking, players can also upgrade to have more substantial combat power. The upgrade is done through the assembly of some additional machine parts. A spaceship can be upgraded multiple times at different levels. For example, spaceships can be given extra HP to prolong the fight. Or the swarm will be improved to increase the ability to damage with a non-stop gun, for example.

Galaxy Strike B52 android

Unlock new chapters

The galaxy is unspeakably vast. Thus, Galaxy Strike B52 has divided the galaxy into more than 1000 different level maps. Therefore, players will not be bored with the experience with Galaxy Strike B52. Instead, the levels will be combined into several chapters to create a complete storyline. If you want to unlock new chapters, fight with a winning streak. In addition, there is another form of practical impact on unlocking. That is the use of support items. Items that increase power or level up will help you quickly access the new chapter. Therefore, use them wisely. Everything is available; how to use it depends on your tactics in Galaxy Strike B52.

Galaxy Strike B52 apk free

Upgrade skills and weapons

As mentioned above, the spaceships in the Galaxy Strike B52 can be upgraded. They will be equipped with additional weapons to increase damage. To do that, you need to use gold coins. The cost will depend on the type of weapon you choose. Not only that but combat skills can also be upgraded or replaced when you own a large enough amount of gold. Collect and accumulate this valuable trading item. There are many strong opponents with modern tools waiting for you ahead. If you don’t improve your weapons and skills, you won’t be able to defeat them all. At that time, conquering the galaxy seemed impossible according to your will.

Galaxy Strike B52 is a fun, entertaining action game. It is suitable for children over three years old by colorful graphics and catchy sounds. Unlike many other shooter games, Galaxy Strike B52 possesses simple gameplay with constantly improving spaceships. They will help you overcome all difficulties and conquer the vast galaxy. Download Galaxy Strike B52 mod and become the champion in the universe.

Download Galaxy Strike B52 MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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