Galaxy Raiders MOD APK 1.0.1 (Menu PRO/Unlimited money/High damage)

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NameGalaxy Raiders APK
PublisherAbsolutely Skint Games
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Unlimited money/High damage
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Galaxy Raiders challenges players with intense shooting battles between you and hostile forces. Both forces prepare themselves a certain amount of ammunition to attack the opponent. You master your character, fully equipped with weapons to destroy enemies at high altitudes. They possess a large number of forces and have a certain persistence. Players need to discharge bullets from bottom to top; the goal is to defeat five opponents flying in the sky. Next is to face evil bosses; they have greater endurance than the previous subjects. Destroy the source of the enemy, and you will win and receive bonuses and survival hearts.

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Waves of enemies appear; how will you deal with them? They follow an entire army, so the monsters have overwhelmed you in numbers. Each opponent has a specific health line; you need to rely on that to know their level. They fly at different speeds, getting closer and closer to you. If they move down near you, you lose the match, but the player can’t destroy it. With high levels, the opponents have a longer life than usual, making it difficult to attack. At this point, you need to own the most powerful ammo. Please upgrade the damage for the bullets so that it does their job well.

Galaxy Raiders

In this ample space, the opponent appeared most of all. Layer after layer gathers to attack the player, and you have no way to dodge. Then, focus only on putting the most powerful bullets to destroy them before they move down with you. Initially, they are a fixed distance from you; their movement speed is sudden, depending on the level. Thus, if you do not make them disappear in time, you leave this race. The reward for the victory is no longer yours. Take revenge even if you fail many times, once with a lot of effort to defeat this terror from the monster.

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Character change

The characters you control are also goddesses who possess breakthrough talent. They can fight any enemy but need careful preparation. With each turn, you must equip them with the appropriate weapon, armour, and segment type. Goddesses with bat wings produce red scorpion-shaped bullets. Or the gentle pink goddess with star-shaped shells but with significant damage. The larger the shot, the larger the area of ​​the attack; you can destroy two opponents simultaneously. Enemies line up horizontally, blocking your entire movement, so there are also many fields for you to show off. Change direction continuously to shoot monsters evenly.

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Big bosses

After destroying those barriers is to face the bosses. This is the most significant workforce you’ll meet; she will fire her bullets fiercely. With such big bosses, you will only receive defeat if you are not fully equipped. Your character also becomes smaller when this boss enemy appears. They are standing before you, openly defiant. The only way to survive is to discharge bullets and avoid danger continuously. The time to defeat the boss is also a bit longer, but the reward is enormous. Actively upgrade your character according to each level to be ready for battle. Go from easy to complex so as not to be suffocated by the tycoon’s trap.

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New arena

Galaxy Raiders organizes battles in many areas; players try out on different maps, in the mountains, where ice and snow or in the vast sea. Every place brings you pressure and stress from the attack from too fierce opponents. The game screen changes alternately, so you don’t get bored. Conquer multiple arenas, defeating three bosses in each location. The characters are also immersed in the most realistic battle. The colour of each terrain also makes you more advanced and beautiful. The new level is opened, and it’s time for you to fight on the new field. Stay in good shape no matter where you’re fighting.

Galaxy Raiders and the goddess experience all the gun battles. You directly coordinate the character and customize the protective equipment. Your character needs to be preserved with all kinds of different weapons, with many choices but with conditions. Accumulate big score, coins and hearts survive. Getting free rewards is also a way for you to collect valuable loot. Download Galaxy Raiders mod, shoot freely in large spaces to defeat monsters fastest.

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