Galaxy Idle Miner 1.0.155 MOD APK (Unlimited money, Credits)

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NameGalaxy Idle Miner APK
PublisherCantalooza Games LLC
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, Credits
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Earth has an area of about 510,100,000 square kilometers, but it is only one of eight planets that revolve around the sun. The solar system seems enormous but is still only a tiny part of the galaxy. This universe is too big, and humans have not been able to comprehend all its corners. But without giving up because of difficulties, countries and scientific organizations worldwide still study the big things that surround us day and night. Some things have been proven regarding the universe, and some are hypothetical. So are you curious about those sparkling galaxies? Just try to join the universe through the game Galaxy Idle Miner produced by Cantalooza Games.

Galaxy Idle Miner mod

Download Galaxy Idle Miner mod – Explore the vast universe

Although today is the age of information technology, the universe is still a strange concept to many people. It is also difficult for us to remember or name discovered galaxies. So Galaxy Idle Miner has created a simulated universe system on your screen. Through this, players can have a brief picture of the universe. Although it is not absolute, it is a way to pique curiosity, especially for the little ones. For example, in the particular galaxy in Galaxy Idle Miner, more than 30 planets will appear. Along with that are strange, unnamed cosmic domains. When traveling there, the player feels like a pioneer astronaut.

Galaxy Idle Miner apk

In the vast universe, there are so many activities that humans can perform. So at Galaxy Idle Miner, what do players do? You will become a professional miner. That’s right; you didn’t get it wrong; a space miner mines resources. It’s strange and unique. Although mining right on earth is very hard, at Galaxy Idle Miner, it is not. So you need to click on the place you want to exploit. Even Galaxy Idle Miner is known as the idlest universe game. Because you don’t need to click on planets to collect resources constantly, mining can be done even when the player is in automatic or offline mode.

Galaxy Idle Miner mod apk

Manage your space company

Right in space, players will form a company of their own. Your company will specialize in mining. In this galaxy, many precious minerals exist, such as selica, cooper, iron, lerd, or diamond. They will bring a huge income if you work hard. But you are just an earth citizen who has just gone to space, certainly not fully knowledgeable about this space. Meanwhile, the management of the mining company is hectic. So hire yourself, quality managers. They will help you track the progress of your work and use the machines proficiently. And work productivity will increase significantly under their direction.

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Progress in required skills

Existing in space is not an easy thing. Not to mention, you also have to run a large company. Therefore, it is imperative to strengthen yourself with essential skills. The first is exploitability. Be sharp in choosing fertile planets to conduct mining for high efficiency. The second is the ability to forge. Minerals in space are often very hard, so it is indispensable for carefully developed iron and steel tools. Third, crafting ability. Besides blacksmithing skills, creating other supporting machinery products is also extremely important to live in the galaxy. Fourth, management skills to run the company and the team working for you.

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Upgrade your spaceship

Along with the development of the business, you should also upgrade the spacecraft. Depending on each level and your efforts, the spaceship becomes much better. Improving it is essential if you are passionate about discovering new planets around the universe. There are countless items that you can collect for your spaceship. Examples are glass, lasers, wires, batteries, flashlights, microchips, or radars. Remember that your role in Galaxy Idle Miner is a pioneer. So don’t be afraid to explore the planets and expand your horizons. It is only possible to explore the spacecraft to answer the universe’s questions.

Galaxy Idle Miner is a game that is not picky about players. In particular, children three years old and up can join the adventure with Galaxy Idle Miner. This will be an opportunity for your imagination to develop and expand a lot. Maybe after trying to play Galaxy Idle Miner, people will be more curious about the vast universe and become space scientists in the future. Download Galaxy Idle Miner mod and become a talented miner in the galaxy.

Download Galaxy Idle Miner MOD APK (Unlimited money, Credits) for Android

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