Final Dungeon 1.1.10 MOD APK (Enemy low health)

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NameFinal Dungeon APK
PublisherMehen Games: turn based party rpg fantasy quest
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesEnemy low health
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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History is a vast field of knowledge that man can never fully grasp. Even if you read hundreds of thousands of books about the past, you still don’t fully get what happened. History is just stories and recorded events – that is, with witnesses. What about the unexplained and unrecorded mysteries? Folk often create legends or fairy tales to fill in the gaps in history. Those stories become an endless source of inspiration for creative lovers. Based on a Japanese code, the Final Dungeon game was introduced to the public by the producer Mehen Games.

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Download Final Dungeon mod – Prepare for exciting expeditions

Final Dungeon is a role-playing game with strategic gameplay. The producer uses the context of an ancient fantasy world so that players can experience the legendary atmosphere. In Final Dungeon, the player is a citizen of the Tianguo Empire. This country is in the center of the world called Keystone. At Keystone, you are a born genius with the ability to travel through space and time. You can open all kinds of magical portals that lead to different worlds. Listening to this alone is enough to feel how much the player owns a desirable life in this world. But peace does not last forever, the force of darkness has caused Keystone and you to experience many events.

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The forces of darkness brought a series of catastrophic events to the beloved Keystone and Tianguo. This dramatically disrupts your youth. Now, the player is forced to face his fate. Your mission is to overcome the traps full of magical dungeons that have plagued the masters of this world. Walk the path of youth and rise like a glorious phoenix. Youth is flowing strongly in your body; use it to go and explore. Relatives, family, friends, and country are all waiting for you. Don’t let the forces of darkness destroy Keystone. This universe needs to continue to exist instead of falling into deadly darkness.

Final Dungeon mod apk

Finding and removing traps

In the Final Dungeon, the player is a skilled guide. You need to travel to explore foreign lands to save the world. An entire web of demons lurks in every nook and cranny of Keystone. Every ground you set foot on has its challenges. Every cave, every maze, and every tower is a challenge. There are also hidden pitfalls that you do not expect. Be careful. To find the true enemy you must face, players must solve puzzles through the details they discover on the adventure journey. At the same time, you can build solid towers as a base for yourself and your teammates.

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Summon Legendary Heroes

In Final Dungeon, you don’t fight alone. There are hundreds of heroes ready to help you. They have diverse backgrounds and origins. Some are warriors, some are wizards, some are from the West, and others are from the East. There are also magicians, assassins, or even demons that can become your teammates. The player entirely decides the choice of companion. The heroes all possess super skills to help you safely reach your destination. But choosing an army with the perfect combination, you need to think a lot. Gather your squad and create the best battle strategy.

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Fight with the forces of darkness

Final Dungeon is a turn-based fighting game. You and the heroes will take turns advancing to fight the warriors of the dark forces. Complex challenges will be where heroes show their full potential. Therefore, you should use heroes in the most appropriate situations. In this game, you are the leader. Keep your courage and iron will to control your army in attacks. The more heroes you own, the more advantage you have when fighting. Don’t forget to collect rare pieces and boxes to find enemy clues. Can you imagine who the leader of the dark forces is?

Final Dungeon is a turn-based role-playing game based on a legendary epic story. Coming to this game, you will experience the classic world of fantasy with many beautiful scenes. Additionally, the appearance of epic heroes is a stepping stone for you to reach the final destination safely. Download Final Dungeon mod to protect your kingdom and world.

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