Fantasy Legion MOD APK 2.17 (Menu/Always Win)

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NameFantasy Legion APK
PublisherFredBear Games Ltd
MOD FeaturesMenu/Always Win
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Knowledge is boundless. What we know about the world is a tiny percentage of everything. With the development of science and education today, accessing knowledge is not difficult. The role models with a high level of education appear more and more. The titles of professors and doctors are also uncountable. However, whether the knowledge is applied in practice is another story. To be able to apply what they have learned into practice, people need to practice other skills. For example, leadership skills or planning for yourself. You can challenge your ability to strategize through games like Fantasy Legion.

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Download Fantasy Legion mod – Build your dream army

Fantasy Legion is a product of the producer FredBear Games. This is a fascinating tactical battle game. Instead of fighting on villages or towers, Fantasy Legion chose the theme of arena fighting. By joining this journey, you will become a military leader, a leader in combat. Under your command is a large army formation. Lead them to war and win. The tactical nature of Fantasy Legion lies in how you organize and deploy your troops. The appearance of the battlefield depends entirely on your decisions. A change in tactics can turn the tide between the enemy and us. Therefore, make a reasonable and close strategy.

Fantasy Legion apk

Depending on the situation, the player can offer different battle plans. For example, when is a face-to-face confrontation necessary? When to attack remotely? Those are the questions you have to ask yourself to run an army. Just remember, in Fantasy Legion, the player’s goal is to build a strong army to take part in epic battles. In the confrontation, there will be more or fewer opponents depending on the time and level. In addition, you have to confront sly bosses. They are challenging to deal with. However, command your troops wisely to defeat the bosses. At the same time, don’t forget to protect your like-minded allies.

Fantasy Legion mod apk

Exciting game modes

To maximize the freedom of the player’s experience, Fantasy Legion possesses three attractive optional modes. The first is adventure mode. Here, you will participate in an adventure with more than 100 levels. Train and fight hard to win army upgrade items. It is also an opportunity to test your strategy skills. Second, the other mode. This is your chance to compete with players around the world. Third, death mode. In this mode, the player must do everything to protect the last stronghold. Enemies will attack this place. It would help if you kept the soldiers alive. Otherwise, they will not be able to participate in the next match.

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Collect and unlock cards

In Fantasy Legion, levels with unique markers will contain precious cards. You can collect more than 40 cards featuring characters such as heroes, soldiers, fortifications, or monsters evolved from various animals. Each character can be upgraded to fight. The maximum level that can be upgraded is five stars. After collecting the cards, help your characters reach this milestone to unleash their full potential. For example, a hero can unlock the crippling strike skill after reaching five stars. Using the right soldiers is the key to victory. The more cards you open, the stronger your army will be.

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Face off against real players

As mentioned, the fighting mode in Fantasy Legion allows you to play against players worldwide. Thus, you will fight with real players in Fantasy Legion instead of the computer’s built-in settings. This factor makes confrontations more diverse than ever. The screen is split in half, and each team owns a portion of the arena field. We cannot know our opponent’s tactics because it is a stranger. Keep fighting to become a great general. Taking soldiers’ lives as the base will help you make intelligent tactical moves. Hurry up to come and dominate the leaderboards of Fantasy Legion.

Fantasy Legion is a light and non-violent fighting game. What the manufacturer prioritizes is the tactical nature of this game. As a result, children aged three can already play without worrying about heavy action scenes. At the same time, you should not miss the prizes at the weekly events in Fantasy Legion. Countless attractive awards are waiting. Download Fantasy Legion mod and fight with your army.

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