EZ Knight 1.6.1 MOD APK (Menu PRO/Damage, defense multiplier)

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NameEZ Knight APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Damage, defense multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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The knights always had to perform tasks, facing the enemy forces. EZ Knight is a game that will let players play the role of a knight, destroying all opponents. The game takes place with many different battles, with heroes step by step eliminating evil enemies. Go to every land and start with fighting. Each area will have opponents that the player needs to destroy. Side by side with warriors, quickly kill dragons. Get many valuable rewards, become the best leader.

EZ Knight mod

Download EZ Knight mod – Fight on mysterious lands

EZ Knight cannot be ignored for gamers who love fighting role-playing games. Attract players right from the attractive gameplay, beautiful game image. EZ Knight will also bring challenging missions for players to assert their strength. Cooperate with a strong army, destroy all enemies who want to harm you. Move to each area, encountering opponents. Deploy each specific strategy to be able to defeat them quickly. Every place you go through will have dangers, overcome all and you have won.

EZ Knight mod apk

The unique mission will be to go to a mysterious land and kill dragons. The rewards will be given after you complete the quest. Fight like a knight, blocking all attacks from the enemy. At the same time know how to attack and move skillfully on the battlefield. Enjoy the fierce battle between the two forces, quickly achieving high achievements. Earn a lot of loot, participate in every battle with your army. To destroy the opponent’s power, you also need to spend a lot of strength. However, knowing how to coordinate with teammates will help create many advantages with resilience. Get started with EZ Knight and enjoy your leisure time right away!

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Fight with friends

This battle journey will not be alone. You will fight with your friends, against all your opponents. It’s great to go to war with friends, to make miracles. This is also the time when you will be empowered, with all your teammates against dangerous forces. Join guilds and quickly defeat evil bosses. Support each other, come up with attack combinations to eliminate the opponent. Set up a team with many talented and experienced warriors. Recruit capable heroes to destroy the enemy together, collect many treasures.

EZ Knight mod free

Auto battle mode

EZ Knight’s game mode allows players to perform arbitrary manipulations and actions freely. Automatically adjust combat positions, build your own squad to attack. Upgrade skills, prepare weapons and equipment needed for each battle. Make each enemy not have the advantage of counterattack, easily collapsed before attack combos from you. Help and support the heroes in time to overcome the dangers. Control system with simple operation, for each player to quickly implement right from the first play. Deploy heroes in each clan, command the battle with many powerful combat skills.

EZ Knight mod android

Skills, weapons

Equip the necessary skills for each warrior. Train them to attack, avoid danger in each battle. In addition, collect more weapons to support each action. Armor is indispensable, it will be a way to shield the hero from falling into a dangerous situation. Fight to the last levels, overcoming countless formidable opponents. Each skill, weapon system will be what contributes to victory. Turn the tide with unique skills that harness the hero’s abilities. Go to every region and achieve excellent results.

Accompany the army, create the most fierce attacks. Fight hard, use support equipment for each battle. Join the battle on each front, ready to face the challenges. Work closely with the warrior, performing defense, attack in the battle screen. Become a talented knight, crush all enemies. Build your own path, the battle on dramatic matches. Download EZ Knight mod to win intense PvP battles.

Download EZ Knight MOD APK (Menu PRO/Damage, defense multiplier) for Android

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