Eternal Senia 1.220118 MOD APK (Menu PRO/Damage, defense multiplier/Unlimited skills)

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NameEternal Senia APK
PublisherSanctum Games Limited
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Damage, defense multiplier/Unlimited skills
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Games using male heroes are already very familiar. However, heroines are not a standard image appearing in games. This is somewhat unfair to the girls because they are beautiful and gentle but not necessarily weak. Moreover, creativity can help us strengthen a woman in the entertainment world. As women, they always live rich in affection and love. Therefore, the daughters can turn into warriors when their loved ones are in danger. So let’s explore a similar story in Eternal Senia. This is a game using anime elements produced by Sanctum Games Limited.

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Download Eternal Senia mod – Role play and get acquainted with interesting characters

The main character in this game is Senia. This is a beautiful and charming girl. However, Senia’s life is not very peaceful. She has had to go through many trials and hardships in her life. Eternal Senia is like an end to the dawn story when there is a return from the god of greed. Eternal Senia recounts the heroine’s journey to rescue her sister. She was highly determined to find her ill-fated brother despite all the hardships. However, Senia needs a lot of help from you. Moreover, Senia will no longer have to be alone with the cold blade on this journey. Along the way, she meets many very kind new companions.

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Each character that Senia meets on the journey possesses different virtues. First of all, Hugo. He is a calm person. In the face of impending dangers, Hugo still did not change color. Beneath that composure, however, lies a dark legacy of witchcraft. Senia also meets Briella. She is the bishop of the holy capital called Balder. Therefore, Briella has a holy heart and is surprisingly optimistic. Another person who is also very good to Senia is Sophie. This is a young girl with a mysterious secret with priest Magaleta – a man imprisoned. Will Senia meet Sophie again on the journey? Follow the plot of Eternal Senia to find out the answer.

Eternal Senia mod apk

Easy fighting

Senia’s journey to rescue her sister was not easy. She may encounter giant monsters with peculiar shapes. For example, a beast with sharp claws, long horns, and wings that are inches wide. Before those dangers, you need to help Senia fight. Only after defeating the monster can Senia continue to rescue her sister. This path is unique, and she has no choice. About the control operation in Eternal Senia is effortless. The control buttons are already displayed on the screen. Your job is just to touch to fight. Consider when Senia should use knives or tornado kicks, for example.

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Go through thorny maps

Eternal Senia’s sister was imprisoned in a deep forest separate from the human world. Therefore, our heroine has to go through many different stages to reach her destination. A monster guards each stage. They are diverse in shape, ability, and even fighting power. For example, the most haunting map is The Forbidden Forest. Here, at level 90, Senia can meet the vast dark demon. Some of the newly updated levels include Balder City and Astral Domain. Along the way, Senia can meet companions and helpers such as Onion, Mochicaat, Ghosty Fox, Candle Fairy, and Goddess of Fate – Julian. Several pets follow her closely.

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Race to the top with global players

The process of fighting monsters is a testament to Senia’s ability. Every time she wins, she will gain experience and achievements. It is a factor in ranking the strength and weaknesses of each character. In Eternal Senia, the leaderboard updates everyone’s achievements minute by minute. Thus, you can compare your achievements with players around the globe. For example, 1st place will be diamond, followed by gold, bronze, silver… Besides the prestigious trophy, Eternal Senia also displays the flags of the champions. So let your flag appear right at the top of this precious leaderboard. Just fight fiercely and don’t give up; success will soon come to you.

Through Senia’s journey to rescue her sister, Eternal Senia continued a touching story about sisterhood. In front of her sister’s safety, Senia did not hesitate to cross the stream and forest to take on the challenge. No matter how giant the jungle monsters are, they can’t make it difficult for this girl. The companion characters also supported her a lot. Download Eternal Senia mod and help Senia find her sister to create a happy ending.

Download Eternal Senia MOD APK (Menu PRO/Damage, defense multiplier/Unlimited skills) for Android

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