Endless Nightmare 1 MOD APK 1.1.6 (Dumb enemy/Immortal)

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NameEndless Nightmare 1 APK
Publisher707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy/Immortal
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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The madness in Endless Nightmare 1 will be something that can kill you if you are not careful. This is not a threat because its enormity is something we should be afraid of. Creating a chase that you never expected. But this stimulation creates things that boost your abilities. Face your fears and show them that people are not weak. Intense vitality will pull you out of that hot hell. Run away and fight to save your life. No one wants to die unless they are useless and ignorant. Getting out of this horrible nightmare is extremely difficult for us.

Endless Nightmare 1 mod android

Download Endless Nightmare 1 mod – Survive and escape the house of death

As games that can scare people, the horror genre is no longer a strange thing to us. But what appeals to people is the value it creates. Certainly, Endless Nightmare 1 is not a wrong choice when it creates a significant fever. A combination of highly many famous horror images in it. This combination brings not only a novelty but also high thinking. You will likely face hundreds of variable enemies. But that’s when people can realize their full potential. Fear at its climax unleashes a unique power.

As an investigative detective named James, you will search for clues about a horrific murder. It happens in an abandoned apartment with a lot of peculiarities. During your exploration, you will encounter creatures from hell. They have strange shapes that only exist in your wildest dreams. The only way out of this mess is to find the clues. It would be best to find a way out of that house before it’s too late. We will discover the horrifying truth behind that murder. Please bring it to light and come back alive as safely as possible without any trouble.

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Listen carefully

The thing that you are advised to pay attention to the most in the game is the sound around you. It would be best if you had a good ear and a quick mind to handle situations. Before you encounter any monsters, they will make a warning sound. Thanks to these sounds, you can guess which direction they are coming from. You can assess the current situation and decide to flee or fight back. They will have potent attacks on you. Need to avoid taking damage and work to take them down at all costs. The best way is to know your abilities and find weaknesses to take advantage of.

Endless Nightmare 1 mod apk

The hiding places

This action may sound cowardly, but it’s the most innovative way to save lives, especially when you have terrible things chasing you. Endless Nightmare 1 creates a lot of different hiding places for you to take advantage of. From the drawers, the rooms, behind the door, in the attic, or, most simply, under the table. But not every hiding place is effective against all types of enemies. Some can detect and capture you alive if the place is too apparent. You must fool and wait for them to go far away before you can run away again. Anywhere in the house can become safe for us.

Endless Nightmare 1 mod free


A little puzzle element will make a horror game more attractive. However, they will not be too difficult to understand and can be solved quickly. You will see clues in rooms or locations around the house. We can read the information in it to start searching for items. Once the mentioned items have been found, they can be used. Each has its purpose, such as the key used for the door. Try to think quickly before danger may appear. The more branches you find, the easier it is to complete the task. This mystery must not be sadly buried.

Endless Nightmare 1 mod

When accidentally attacked, you should not panic and fear. There is always a first aid kit in the house that can help you recover from your injury. When HP is completely restored, there is a chance to move forward. Monsters won’t be able to defeat you just because of a few mistakes. Be brave to face it to find the way out in the deadly house of Endless Nightmare 1 mod.

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