Empires and Dragons MOD APK 1.0.15 (Menu PRO/Immortal)

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NameEmpires and Dragons APK
PublisherGlobal Joy Games
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Immortal
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Empires and Dragons is a duel of mighty dragons and heroes. Dragons and invaders have long invaded the land that you are fighting, life has come to a standstill since then. Fortunately, a heroic force like you appeared in time to save what was lost. But to do that, you have to sacrifice energy and intelligence. The kingdom is gradually chaotic; everything is spinning uncontrollably, what you do is towards the ultimate goal of victory. Suppress the aggressive dragons, then this territory will belong to you. The battle is constantly changing, you are also trying to stay on this path.

Empires and Dragons apk

Download Empires and Dragons mod – Rearrange the order of the kingdom

The kingdom of humanity has been unacceptably occupied, the enemies have not made it grow. Instead, it was slamming humans down to take over entire territories. As a righteous hero, you can’t let that happen, you need immediate help. Those fertile lands are not worth being violated like that, they will be promoted more if people rule. This journey is arduous, at the expense of many things, but extremely attractive. So the kingdom needs to sustain life, can you earn money to feed it? After a battle, you will receive a certain bonus, more or less depending on the final result.

The chaos in the kingdom needs to stop immediately, bad things are about to happen. Need to regain the kingdom from the enemy and aggressive dragons, they plot to eliminate you. The evil monsters never wanted this kingdom to grow, just a part of the territory they owned. This has caused people to suffer, to become their slaves. Along with their comrades, soldiers from many places come here to fulfill the duty of a hero. Your strength and intelligence will help a lot in this challenge. So let’s fight for a peaceful kingdom, silence needs to be returned.

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Hire soldiers

These mercenaries will significantly assist you on your journey to conquer the kingdom. When the powers are combined, the enemy forces must take their hats off. The opponent is equally strong, they constantly replenish their forces to counter us. If a hero like you fights, it won’t last long, only for a while. Instead, the player must recruit other soldiers to the same team to fight together. To do that, you should first own a huge amount of assets. Then, spend heavily on this segment to get more companions, otherwise, the Empires and Dragons wars will not give you a way out.

Match puzzle

But puzzles in Empires and Dragons are designed to require intelligence from the player. It is based on the principle of match-3, but you need to arrange them in blocks this time. Looking up at the left corner of the screen, the colorful stones are arranged in different shapes. Your task is to play on a row of those stones at the bottom of the screen, moving so that the colors are arranged according to the pattern. When victorious, the energy of power will come into play, now, you can confidently defeat the opponent. This is considered a strategic suggestion but must be conquered to grasp. Show agility and make good use of it for an excellent attack.

Empires and Dragons mod

Evil monster

Before going to the evil boss, you must go through the siege fence from supporters. They have a flexible shape, sometimes like soldiers, like witches. Those people are considered a shield to lose your ability before so that you no longer have enough strength when you enter the boss. Experiencing two such sieges, you will lose strength but will have additional teammates. The hero characters must coordinate with each other rhythmically so as not to miss the opportunity. Consensus on each strategy will help you move forward on the open road. All opponents are fully equipped with weapons and forces to be ready. Have you accepted this race? The opponent is waiting.

Empires and Dragons embody the eloquence of a righteous hero. The soldiers that go with you are also worth it; it costs money to conquer. Any situation is possible, and the battlefields are arranged unpredictably. The surprise is always for you, unannounced, so it’s interesting. Giant monsters know how to tease you, which makes players lose strength. Help teammates blow away those evil enemies, they need to be eliminated immediately. Download Empires and Dragons mod, and seek peace for the beautiful kingdom of humanity.

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