Elden Shell 0.9.5 MOD APK (Menu PRO/1 hit/Immortal)

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NameElden Shell APK
PublisherSpellSoft Studio
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/1 hit/Immortal
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Strongly inspired by the dark-style role-playing game Dark Souls, Elden Shell gives players a sense of challenge in the gloomy atmosphere. In return, the control mode on the smartphone brings a sense of ease with more challenges. Elden Shell can be considered as a shortened version and slightly different from the above super product. Still, the journey of an unknown warrior. Find and fight creatures with deadly horror. A series of forces coming out of hell are your opponents. How do we fight them? The only way is to stand up and fight. Destroy them all to enlighten the conquered land.

Elden Shell mod

Download Elden Shell mod – Adventure in the dead land

The main character is a warrior of unknown origin. No one knows where he came from and what his purpose is. You will control the surface on the vertical screen of the smartphone. It is rare for an action role-playing game to play in such a sheer screen style. All confrontations between characters and enemies are one-on-one battles in which the player must give commands to attack the enemy. When to attack, when to block… To prevent monsters from taking me down. Overcome challenges in accumulating items. Create a new weapon for the character. Power up many levels for more difficult challenges later.

The setting of Elden Shell is in the medieval period. Where castles, dungeons, and cathedrals also appear and are very popular. It’s also your battle location. Strange and terrifying creatures are attacking humans. Sometimes they are born from negative emotions and human guilt. The main character you control does not act and fight for something. It’s all so you can get stronger and kill all the monsters. Give players a different perspective on the fears that people can face. As well as how to meet them and fulfill your aspirations in life.

Elden Shell mod apk

Build your warrior

The unknown character is a warrior who wanders the cursed and uninhabited lands. Maybe he only appeared when the world was entering destruction with the original appearance of a warrior in discreet iron armor. You probably won’t be able to see his face. But that doesn’t matter because you will upgrade your power differently. It is fighting the forces of darkness. Destroying them gives you some extra money to upgrade your weapons. Even changing the armor to a more advanced and powerful version. Each armor has a different amount and represents a different level of power.

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Using mystical magic

Nothing is more effective than using magic against cursed creatures. But, of course, your weapons and armor are still essential in hand-to-hand combat. Warriors will also learn more ancient spells. They are strong enough to damage, even destroy, normal-level monsters. I have a variety of attacks, like summoning thunder. Use the forbidden letter to summon demons to confront the enemy. The orb of darkness deals damage and causes the monster to hallucinate for a long time. Many spells can be found in treasure chests in every location. Find them after each battle to become stronger and stronger.

Elden Shell mod free

Epic boss battles

Already a role-playing game style like Dark Souls, it is impossible to ignore the dangerous boss screens. Most of the bosses in Elden Shell are creatures of the highest rank in their power. Because of that, they had all the power that the subordinate animals possessed. You will face death, corrupted medusa, fallen angels, and even your warrior clone. In each battle, the enemy brings a different source of power. Force players to combine skills and magic. Creates effective turn-based attacks. Avoid being countered and losing after just a few hits and enemy skills. The reward will be astonishing.

Elden Shell free

Travel through the cursed lands alone without anyone by your side. Discover many magical energies and powers to release and absorb. Use as a weapon to confront a variety of creatures from hell. Elden Shell gives players the feeling of being in control of all their powers. Defeating enemies to free the dark lands for no purpose. Download Elden Shell mod to experience a simple but attractive and attractive way of fighting.

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