Dungeon Village 2.4.9 MOD APK (Unlimited money, points)

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NameDungeon Village APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, points
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Dungeon Village welcomes you to the world of farming but not trivial. You go on adventurous adventures to build up precious land. With all the talents of a warrior, you also have to face enemies and monsters. The battle screen makes you lose a lot of strength, but in return, you get the right to rule many territories. Go to many new terrains, start at each and put your name on them. This journey is worth your while, providing that exciting playground. You get to meet many people and have built a life for adventurers too. Together, create your farm empire for yourself and those around you.

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Download Dungeon Village mod – Build an independent town

From the humble villages after the transformation, you have immediately owned a land full of prosperity. You collect materials to serve this construction. Go to many places, even trade in matches to accumulate resources. Houses began to be built rapidly, and skyscrapers appeared. The vacant land is gradually filled in over time, you are the owner of it. What you are doing is wanting to have the complete items, meeting the needs of people’s lives. When you thrive, begin to attract adventurers to come here, promoting life to grow more and more.

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Sanctuary will also be elaborately built under various other resources. Your ambition is becoming stronger and stronger, determined to master a terrible empire. The town has many types for you to conquer, each piece of land gives you a unique character. Start with tiny houses, then villas and towers, and adorn the surrounding with green trees. A dream space is arranged majestically, you are gradually making it expand. The scale is increasing the more you have status in this society. Rushing into this empire-building career, upgrading it by the minute, a new day is a new look.

Dungeon Village apk

Clear out the monsters

The fight for land is always happening, everyone wants to bring back a large territory. You are always looking for large pieces of land containing many resources. But an unexpected thing happened, that’s where the monster was guarding. To conquer that place, you must suppress those opponents and participate directly in the unprecedented fierce battle. Confront them to collect great resources, Dungeon Village will give you many particular reward values. Hone your hero skills, need ultimate dance moves to continue the rounds. Monsters are always on a tense battlefield, they have prepared their forces and strength to challenge all adventurers like you.

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Reserve resources

The town’s construction requires a lot of resources, every high level requires a lot. Dungeon Village has equipped you with a reserve, you need to collect resources to enroll in it automatically. This loot will help you build a school or an experimental facility. All sorts of values ​​were applied in the process of town formation. Just win the races; all rewards and weapons will be in your inventory. Pull them out to use at any time, pre-equip is always strong. Throw the items you collect, they create the finished product by themselves. Or head into the store to shop for adventure essentials.

Dungeon Village mod apk

Scaling up

Dungeon Village set up many models in different locations, your task is to conquer. From a simple village to a magnificent palace surrounded by many soldiers. This is to avoid encroachment from the opponent, the monsters are also practicing dispute. Face them to resolve conflicts and win valuable territories for yourself. Unfortunately, the scale has never been limited, you can freely conquer according to your ability. Such an expansion also imprints your name in the opponent’s mind, the level is automatically upgraded. Become a plantation boss with epic castles, can you?

Dungeon Village and heroes design living places for adventurers. Life is built from minor things, accumulated to become a strong power. Accompanying you are warriors, fighting monsters together to win the highest position. Take on new challenges in exchange for precious prizes. You will become the ruler of the top of the peak with resource-rich lands. Go to new territory, excavate nature and create your development premise. Download Dungeon Village mod, and develop your class mecca most specially.

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