Dungeon Manager MOD APK 1.21 (Menu PRO/No skill CD)

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NameDungeon Manager APK
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MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/No skill CD
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Dungeon Manager against waves of different opponents, battles are still the active element in this challenge. Players begin to govern the dungeon, but how long will this position hold? You need to prove your talent is worthy of the highest position. Manage the personnel team as well as master the battles with the opponent. Your empire needs to be built quickly to mark your sovereignty, no matter what you do, you can be left behind. The journey of self-conquest of each player is also different, there is no overlap. Killing the enemy target is also in this particular mission.

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Download Dungeon Manager mod – Become a dungeon boss

By winning the first level, you can open your dungeon empire. The process is quick but doesn’t feel rushed or too superficial. You must manage your dungeon after that, how long to maintain it. Efforts will answer those concerns, day by day your territory is expanded, proving that you are capable. Valuable magic stones are also an item worth accumulating. In such a mining process, you expand your skills and quickly gain valuable trophies. At that time, also took advantage of walking around the opponent’s empire to grasp the situation.

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Dungeon Manager pushes you to go deeper into the dungeon, so you can quickly determine where you are. Such direct exploration also helps you shape the empire, and plan its construction. Give the dungeon the first bricks, build a shelter, and mark your position. When you are strong enough to protect the dungeon, it is not too late to focus on destroying the opponent. If you neglect the development of the dungeon and only want to fight, you will surely fail. Those basic principles for conquering new things without missing any previous opportunities are also unsuitable for all cases.

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Hero management

To deal with the enemy, you have deployed heroes to resolve the conflicts. With flexible shaping, you can often explore and change your appearance. This attracts new appeal without getting bored with familiar faces. Hero management involves checking, capturing, and improving each warrior’s condition. They have their knowledge, fitness, and skills, but when you join your team, everything must be similar and complement each other. Hero character development through an automatic battle system is a new solution for you to learn. Constantly upgrade skills, weapons, and appearance for your warriors, and become an intelligent personnel manager.

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Army commander

The second main task the player needs to take on is to send troops to fight the country. You actively infiltrate the opponent’s territory to destroy the plot. More than a hundred legions are in your hands, where will their fate be pushed? On the opponent’s side, everything is so vast and vast that you seem to take a long time to discover everything. With 240 types of monsters, they exist or will develop in the future. Teach the troops how to arrange battles or combine them with matching. Strengthen your army as you progress to deeper projects, whether it’s still a team or not. Consolidate human resources regularly to meet your needs.

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Item merge

Dungeon Manager is based on the principle of the match-3 game to apply to this challenge. Players must match 3 similar items, automatically disappear and collect the required amount. Each round has different stones, don’t get confused. When the fusion works, it’s easy for you to be strong. The items that you obtain are in the system and available. On three matching tiles that are matched, you immediately create explosive power. It helps you quickly finish the puzzle and still score very high. Expand your empire, so you need a lot of diamonds, and art stones, get as much as possible.

The dungeon Manager defeats opponents with the player’s heroic strategy. Still revolving around the dungeon management mission, you should accompany the challenge from start to finish. The wars go on after each other, your operation will be more general. The suspense is always covered until the final victory is new. The waves of monsters are too strong; they crush you to the end. Join the endless battle, get rewards, and start your character upgrade journey. Download Dungeon Manager mod, and be ready to govern the dungeon with many surprises.

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