Dungeon Dogs MOD APK 3.2.6 (Menu PRO, Unlimited money/Damage Multiplier/Dumb Enemy)

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NameDungeon Dogs APK
PublisherPocApp Studios
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO, Unlimited money/Damage Multiplier/Dumb Enemy
SupportAndroid 4.2+
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Dungeon Dogs solves the conflict between mischievous dogs and vicious cats. You will govern an entire group of dogs to defeat the evil schemes of cats. Naturally, dogs and cats don’t like each other and don’t like to stick together. Because of the ancient interdependence that forced them to go to war, only one species can be mastered. An entire dog farm is owned, managed, and bred by you. With fierce battles, the dog’s counterattack must be maximized not to be outdone by the opponent. Join the rebellious characters, fighting non-stop for the ultimate victory.

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Download Dungeon Dogs mod – Control the dogs to beat the battles

The competition for the top position has not ended; everything is still going on fiercely. You will join your teammates to participate in different battles and destroy opponents to score points. The number of forces on your side can sometimes be 3-5 dogs simultaneously or more. It all depends on the enemy; the bigger they are, the more human resources you have to use. But sometimes, the destruction of many people is not enough to fight evil. Your opponent is vital, so it is imperative to take precautions, or you may fail at first. Life and death always give you moments of suffocation and must be highly focused on resisting.

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Between the two forces, there will also be times when they are on par with each other, fighting up and down without finding a winner. It would help if you had a particular benefit; the simplest is to upgrade the character. You must show that your human resources are always ready and not afraid of war. Rebel battles also have advantages; you can approach many opponents and increase your ability to fight. When you counterattack many times, you also gain some experience to save for the next matches. With strong opponents, you need to beat strong with a continuous attack. The number of points the opponent carries in him will be deducted consecutively if you correctly hit his weak point; that minus point will belong to you.

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Added dog character

With more than 100 dog heroes updated by Dungeon Dogs on the system, you need to conquer. Your clan will have to be mighty dogs to put into battle. Your goal is to build a strong squad possessing many special abilities to survive for a long time. Impressive debut dog characters, each with their unique fighting techniques. You can name them for easy recall and assign them to each position to perform tasks. They are as diverse as their coat color; many species have been improved to look unique. Collect dog heroes to have their place on the battlefield; every opponent must be afraid.

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Choose a worthy captain

Players will use the dog upgrade support systems to accomplish the goal of choosing a captain. Dungeon Dogs equip you with weapons, colors, and even a magic book. Collect over 100 items to unlock all those special powers. Having a leader replace you on the battlefield is complex, and you must choose the side to send the gold. It must be the most ferocious dog with unique fighting abilities to rank quickly. Choose for it a weapon that is a giant sword, wear body armor and change the color of the feathers for its appearance. In addition, it is to foster both magic and give appropriate strategies for the captain to run the army when fighting.

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Allocate to positions

The colorful farm in Dungeon Dogs is always where you go back and forth to observe your teammates. Empty plots are the missing piece for canine heroes. You collect a full range of genres, giving it a particular position to govern. The expansion of the farm is also needed, with enough room for more than 100 different dog species. Especially the number of coins and diamonds are two things that help you to upgrade the territory. Collect them quickly to increase the scale, and overwhelm the opponent’s part. Whoever has vital human resources and large territory will be the ruler; you deserve to receive it in the future.

Dungeon Dogs and heroes join the fight to end cat cruelty. You will have to directly control them in the field of law, raising them to grow. Unique plans will always be cherished as long as your teammates grow. Many times dispute but still have to ensure the quantity is not harmed. Form a guild in charge of building and managing a dog farm. Perform incubation to hatch dogs with outstanding strength. Download Dungeon Dogs mod and dog hero destroying enemies with an evil plot.

Download Dungeon Dogs MOD APK (Menu PRO, Unlimited money/Damage Multiplier/Dumb Enemy) for Android

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