Duels MOD APK 1.12.1 (Menu PRO/Instant finish match)

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NameDuels APK
PublisherDeemedya INC
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Instant finish match
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Return to the middle ages and fight evil monsters. Just hearing it feels exciting and dramatic, right? Duels will let you be directly present in those battles, showing bravery before the enemy. Confront each monster and defeat them. The game takes place in front of many challenges, step by step attacking and defeating the opponent. Get ready to enter the battlefield, eliminate the monsters from the area. Become a brave warrior, can you? Move forward and engage in fierce battles.

Duels mod

Download Duels mod – Fight with monsters

The monster’s attack ability is potent. They can take your life at any time. Focus on fighting, observe each direction, their way of action to protect lives. With the automated combat system, anyone can make an attack. Be present in each position and create many counter-attacks. Choose a warrior and join the battle together. Fully equipped with skills and spells to face the opponent. Take every action, cause all obstacles to let the bloodthirsty monster die. Show strength through ways of fighting, causing the opponent to receive a tragic end.

Duels mod apk

The fighting action game takes you to every battle. Spells, powers, health, fire, and honor are all freely available. Players will be used and chosen arbitrarily to be able to deal with the enemy. Anyone, even a beginner, can fight monsters. The game modes offer a variety of missions, like taking you to the real battlefield. Go through each level and face a bunch of different monsters. As a heroic warrior, you will show all your abilities. Fight in your own style, using the right strategies. Timely prevent attacks from enemies, ensure your own safety.

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Thrilling element gameplay

Recreate the medieval battle with many happenings. Show up with colorful, impressive designs. The gameplay is simple but still creates attraction for gamers. Fight in many battles, form teams to join. Each level will continuously create surprises that you cannot predict. Monsters will also get stronger as you progress to higher levels. Challenge through dangerous battles, step into each fierce battlefield. It is the familiar gameplay and diverse missions that have attracted the gaming community. Try to conquer, overcome challenges, fight on top levels.

Duels mod android

45 special skills

Your warrior will be fully equipped with combat skills. With 45 skills provided, ensure the hero’s strength to attack the enemy. Meteor, Ice Wall, and poison punches are among the skills that need to be mentioned. Support players to have more power, eliminate monsters quickly. Overthrow enemy warplanes, preventing them from continuing to act. Use all tactics to create many advantages, destroy the opponent. Deals consequential damage, leaving each demon with no chance to counterattack.

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Weapon unlocks

Weapons cannot be ignored, Duels offers a diverse weapon system, including many types with strong attack ability, together with you to fight on the battlefield. Swords, axes, shields, armor are equipment for warriors to be ready to fight. Choose the right weapon to fight the opponent. Defeat each opponent with a collection of available weapons. Unlock more new equipment when completing excellent levels. Collect an arsenal of powerful offensive weapons, destroy the enemy.

Participate in many tournaments, challenge many monster bosses. Many historical battles ahead are waiting for you to explore. Be present in each struggle, assert your own strength. Use magic, new tactics to get the victory. Become one of the skilled warriors, against all the cruel monsters. Download Duels mod to try on the battlefields, confront a series of demons.

Download Duels MOD APK (Menu PRO/Instant finish match) for Android

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