Dual Blader 1.9.6 MOD APK (Immortal/No cooldown)

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NameDual Blader APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesImmortal/No cooldown
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Defeat villains from all civilizations at Dual Blader. All the evil people with dark plots have appeared everywhere and threatened peace. They have a vast number, ferocious and compelling. You alone carry the hope of the whole world. Make everyone proud and save your beloved home. It can manipulate so that the amount of resources never decreases automatically—countless unique weapons with great energy to master. Join the infinite dark arena to fight to the point of defeat. Hunt down the most notorious bosses and reap huge profits.

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Download Dual Blader mod – A strong woman and a pair of destructive swords

Indeed, receiving items by hanging up and exiting the game to do other things is not too strange. That feature has made every busy gamer extremely loved. But over time, that element gradually disappeared as the games involved were not tricky enough and were visually outdated. Now, you can experience that feature again here. The highly advanced upgrades in visibility meet the needs of all gamers. The level of challenge is also pushed to the maximum with challenging levels. The beautiful attack and skill effects combined will fill everyone’s eyes with color.

The cute little girl in the game has a highly holy soul. But when he was born, he was inherently weaker than others because of many evil diseases. However, she is still very optimistic about life and intensely passionate about kendo. Life went on like that until one day; her village was invaded. The child saw with his eyes the sight of his loved ones being executed. Moreover, the robbers burned down the houses and took all the valuable things of the people. Seeing everyone in the village trying to fight, the girl tried to pick up her dead father’s sword and fight with the bad guys but was knocked unconscious and fortunately escaped death.

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Hard training journey

When she regained consciousness, a passerby carried her to a high mountain, and she had a new place to live. There, she was sent to an orphanage for orphans. The talent of swordsmanship and the mischievousness of the little girl attracted the attention of the masters here. They decided to take her as their disciple and teach her how to fight. But it seemed that one person was not enough as she progressed so quickly. All the masters took turns training her, hoping she would become a great warrior. The diseases that hindered her were no less than excruciating pain. But with a will stronger than iron, she completed the trials and was the only one worthy of dual swords.

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A series of supervillains

They were humans with evil intentions or objects created from terrifying magic. Their common goal is to enslave humans as enslaved people. They appeared everywhere in various forms on the vast continent. Each enemy in different terrains will have unique shapes and skills—for example, ice monsters with super cold tolerance. Fire monsters with solid lava armor textures are challenging to defeat. Mythical creatures like dragon gods also appear in the villain list. He seems to be the strongest and has undying power over all things.

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Sacred items and weapons

On the way to revenge, she encounters many different types of weapons. All of those are two identical swords that go together as a pair. The treasures given to her by the seniors will gradually become unsuitable for the thorny road. Therefore, buy yourself more powerful equipment. The lowest equipment rating is D, and the highest is S. There are also top-class items. These were usually sentient weapons with energy sources that would manipulate weak owners. But the result, when tamed, is highly worth it.

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Unique battle mode

In addition to fighting copies and killing monsters according to different maps, many exciting things are worth experiencing. The dungeon mode will have terrain like a prison and contain a mixture of monster forms. Fight to escape from that dark prison. Endless battle mode allows players to find their limits by fighting non-stop. Beat the most fearsome leaders to receive attractive gifts in Dual Blader mod.

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