Droneboi 0.45 MOD APK (Menu PRO/Free shopping)

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NameDroneboi APK
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Are you a space enthusiast who wishes to explore the galaxy’s vastness? Does looking at images of machines like satellites or drones spark your passion for creativity? Change the battlefield if fighting on the ground is too familiar and boring. Coming to Droneboi, the opportunity to fly into the galaxy will be opened. Not only that, the player will master his flying device. You can build your drones in many sizes or special functions. It will become your companion in the ideological wars of the galaxy. The sandbox space with a variety of warplanes is waiting for you. Try Droneboi on your mobile now!

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Download Droneboi mod – Crafting a drone

As the center of the game, the drones are the ones that get the most attention. The creative potential will be revealed when you start creating your plane. Lots of details are available, and it’s up to you to customize and combine them into a complete drone. Droneboi offers more than 35 assorted tool blocks. Examples are cameras, connectors, cores, glasses, hinges, ion thrusters, batteries of all sizes, solar panels, large and small fuel tanks, wedges, separators, drills, mining lasers, and rocket launchers… Players can find all of the above parts in the shop. Each item will have its information. You can also choose how much you want to buy.

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In Droneboi, installing a drone is often considered the most exciting part. With the individually purchased parts, you will put them together into the finished object. The assembly is quite similar to a jigsaw puzzle. First of all, you should have an idea in mind about the drawing of the plane. Next, drag and drop the purchased tools into the appropriate square position. A detail can be copied many times. In case of a mistake or overkill, you can delete it. Components can be rotated or flipped during assembly for aesthetics and maximum usability. More specifically, the player can choose the color or texture for the warplane to be more unique and outstanding.

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Fly through the galaxy

After successfully crafting a drone, you will launch it into space. There, many challenges are waiting. Along with the challenges is the opportunity for you to explore the universe. In realistic space simulation, Droneboi creates countless stars in the galaxy. The sparkle and beauty make the game more attractive. In front of the vastness of the universe, you can see how small your drone is. But try to overcome all the challenges that are posed. Once the mission is completed, you can upgrade your plane because many advanced parts will be unlocked.

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Fight with a vast arsenal of weapons

No matter how vast the galaxy is, you can’t control it yourself. Many other competitors are and want to compete with you for opportunities. So there is a fight inevitable. It would help if you were ready for that. Choose and assemble the weapons you see fit when designing the drone. Every tool has its effect. However, which combination with which one is best requires further thought. The plane is strong enough to help you protect your assets and quickly destroy your opponent. In addition, the aircraft you build also earn money when flying into the galaxy through mining and reselling meteorites.

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Challenge your friends

Droneboi is designed in the form of multiplayer. Therefore, you can challenge your friends or someone at random. The mutual competition will create more tension in the journey to conquer the solar system. And like I said, weapons need to be chosen optimally in times of challenge. For example, magnets can be used for defensive purposes because magnets block all lasers and bullets from pistols. However, it is ineffective against Aoe weapons, so it needs another support. And if you want to mine, a drill is the ideal item. In addition, the mining laser is also highly effective in this situation.

Overall, Droneboi gives players a variety of experiences. The most exciting feature is the creation of your plane, designed like a colorful puzzle. Along with that, the greatness of the galaxy urges the player’s desire to explore and mingle. What are the challenges in space? What is different from our familiar earth? Let’s experience Droneboi and find the answer. Download Droneboi mod and travel through the galaxy with your drone.

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