Drake n Trap MOD APK 1.0.21 (Menu PRO/Unlimited energy/Dumb enemy)

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NameDrake n Trap APK
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MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Unlimited energy/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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The game is based on thinking and setting traps to win. Drake n Trap has created an entirely new tactical gameplay specifically for gamers. In an area large in scale and designed like a dungeon, you have to set up traps effectively and in an intelligent position. Calculate so that the enemy gets caught in a trap and is instantly killed by another weapon you carry. Besides, summoning units to support attacks under challenging levels. Trap and confrontation are the most important in Drake n Trap. If you master enough skills, you will know where the enemy is going. Prepare a plan of immediate counter-attack.

Drake n Trap mod

Download Drake n Trap mod – Set traps and use the mind to defeat the enemy

A level of Drake n Trap includes a large dungeon map. Players will move through each dungeon area in search of treasure and loot. That will not be easy when in front of you are many enemies defending the dungeon. You have time to arrange the match before starting it. So let’s do it now based on the design of the level. Your traps are straightforward and are based on the strength of many warriors. Each trap type consumes energy and is restored after each round of the match. Place suitable traps where the enemy will pass. Based on what the enemies are in the round, choose traps to counter them.

The player’s goal is to complete the exploration of a large-scale dungeon. Since it is divided into many areas, you will go through many battles to complete a dungeon. It was a process of combining and changing tactics in succession. Because each area has a different arrangement and number of enemies. The terrain is also designed to make it difficult for the player in each critical attack phase. Understanding the terrain, knowing the enemy you have to face, and choosing the proper traps will help you get the whole match. Then prepare to start the actual battle right now. Get familiar with the defensive and offensive traps that you will use in the game.

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Understand each type of trap

Before entering the game screen, you are selected. Warriors will accompany you to fight. In the early stages, the number of warriors is limited, and it will take a long time for you to know how to use them. Each warrior has their abilities and fighting style. Sworders and assassins use melee weapons, while gunners and magicians make long-range attacks in a safe position. We also have a position to support healing and protect teammates. They will be the ones who check the traps to warn you not to move there. The remaining warriors search for the enemy and destroy them. Continue moving to the next battle area.

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Use traps wisely

The traps are part of the dungeon as they constantly appear in the areas. There are traps of different sizes and effects on warriors. They will keep the warrior so that the enemy can freely attack, deal damage or create a poison effect, burn… However, these traps are not allies of the monsters. Players can ultimately lure stupid monsters to move and activate traps. When they do, they will be damaged and possibly killed immediately. If it’s almost impossible for the enemy to reach the trap, you should stay away from it during battles. Having to fight enemies and avoid traps will not be accessed simultaneously.

Drake n Trap mod free

Tense head-to-head competition

In addition to the primary dungeon exploration mode, Drake n Trap has another special online mode. In this mode, six players will be divided into two factions to fight each other. Each person will choose their warrior formation. Combine with the remaining two players to create a complete squad. The match begins when all the fighters of the two teams rush to fight each other. Each player controls their warrior, creating absolute chaos. The battle will end when all warriors on the same team are entirely defeated. This confrontation is decided by the warrior nature and each player’s skill. There will be a lot of exciting things happening.

Drake n Trap free

Enter the dungeon and find treasures and precious treasures. Avoid traps that can affect the members of your squad. Use warriors sensibly to entice monsters to rush into traps and be destroyed quickly. Drake n Trap mod combines fighting, thinking, and avoiding danger. Win with your strategy and level analysis.

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