Dragon Royale MOD APK 1.0.331 (Menu PRO/Unlimited mana)

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NameDragon Royale APK
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Have you ever thought about owning a dragon warrior squad? Does this sound impossible? Dragon is a sacred animal and possesses boundless power. It will not be accessible if humans want to tame and control them. However, with the limitless creativity of game makers, everything is now so easy. If you love dragons, then come to Dragon Royale right away. This game is produced by Playizzon for ages five and up. Through this, players will have unforgettable journeys and memories with the dragon squad. So let’s discover exciting and new things in Dragon Royale.

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Download Dragon Royale mod – Join the battle between dragons and zombies

Dragon Royale will lead you deep into the journey to explore the world of sacred dragons. There are solid and friendly dragons. However, besides that are hideous and evil zombies. Therefore, in Dragon Royale, you need to help the dragons fight to protect the kingdom. The towers here need to be held firmly to prevent the zombies from going deep inside and wreaking havoc. Players will be commanders and lead the dragon team forward for justice. The more zombies killed, the more dangerous the kingdom is reduced. In Dragon Royale, there are more than 30 zombie bosses that you need to pay special attention to. Make a wise plan to deal with them.

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There will be many cute dragons in Dragon Royale in this tower defense arena. Thirty dragon cards are waiting for you to collect. Here comes a very new way of collecting. It is summoning dragons through the results. It’s remarkable. Create a massive collection of dragons and upgrade them with each battle. Each victory contributes to speeding up your upgrade. At the same time, many new cards will also be opened to fill the collection. Will you be able to complete the task of commanding an army of dragons defending the tower? Come to Dragon Royale and try now to declare victory against the zombies plotting to invade the kingdom out there.

Dragon Royale mod apk

Choose your dragon warrior

Amid a giant dragon squad, you can choose the warriors to join the battle. Each dragon has its characteristics. Therefore, to make the correct decision, players should learn their skills before using them. In particular, dragon warriors are classified according to natural elements with Dragon Royale. These include fire, water, nature, darkness, and light. So when choosing and building a squad, you need to consider these factors to create the perfect squad. Some elements may be stronger or weaker than others. And sometimes, a combination of factors can produce different results you can’t anticipate.

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Dragon squad upgrade

Dragon Royale also uses the features of a merge game. You can match the same dragons to create a new stronger warrior. Plus, each unit can be merged like that, so you have complete control over your army. This approach helps to create more superior generals than the original. However, you should not be so proud. When the dragons are leveled up, the zombies don’t stop growing. Even the growth rate of bosses can be faster than the progress of dragons. Therefore, you should not be subjective in any situation. By all means, keep the tower and this prosperous kingdom safe from zombies.

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Campaign mode experience

With Dragon Royale, your journey can be divided into many different campaigns. There are many maps that you will visit during the quest. For example, it could be a volcano, a desert, a blue sea, or mystical land. Each region has its specific characteristics. Along with that, the reigning bosses are also different and equally dangerous. As the campaign develops, you will gradually go through it all. Moreover, each map in Dragon Royale is divided into many different chapters. When strung together, you can uncover a whole hidden story behind it. This journey will be complex and lengthy, but it will be interesting. Are you ready to hit the road?

The Dragon Royale strategy game will be a new option to help you change the atmosphere. Instead of dark dungeons, Dragon Royale’s battles take you everywhere. Brave and excellent dragon warriors will accompany you on this journey. The gameplay and simple way to level up will not make it difficult for you. Download Dragon Royale mod and become the commander of the dragon warrior team.

Download Dragon Royale MOD APK (Menu PRO/Unlimited mana) for Android

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