DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 1.1.0 MOD APK (Menu PRO/Immortal/Free crafting)

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CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Immortal/Free crafting
SupportAndroid 11.0+
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The mission of the warriors to protect the world is focused inside the game DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS. According to the game’s name, you will fight and build to ensure your long-term survival. You might think it has too many elements at first. Do not focus on a particular topic at all. However, those factors are necessary to create a fascinating world of DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS. The current massive number of players is proof of that. Now is the time to verify this. Seek hope for a peaceful life by taking down all enemies.


Download DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS mod – Adventure to fight or do whatever you want

The world of DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS allows you to do whatever you like. The beginning of this game is unlimited, not tied to any framework. There are not too many instructions for players to follow passively. Things will appear automatically when the player goes to explore them on their own. That is the most attractive point of DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS for those who have experienced it. However, it still has the main plot to clarify this world, representing the places and villages that appear scattered on the world map. You can go through these places and get some well-hidden interactions.

Start by creating your avatar. You will play as a warrior of unknown origin. Step into the world of DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS for the first time. There is nothing to recommend to you at all. Maybe just a few character control instructions and basic operations. The exploration of this world will be entirely up to you. Control to move the character around the map. The world is designed to be full of terrain and vivid nature. The good thing is that you can affect any object. For example, take the pieces of soil or rocks. Pick up items to craft into tools. That’s just the beginning of the whole story.


Learn the basics

After a while of searching, you will probably unlock many unique items and recipes. Add more functions to determine the future direction. You need the most food, weapons, and support items. Because you will need to go further and go very far, visit different places to learn more about that world. Everyone is most looking forward to battles with the forces in DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS. That will come soon, but it depends on your journey. We don’t just interact with the enemy. There are even more characters that will assist you in this adventure.

Familiar battle system

DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS did the right thing by introducing a familiar battle system on smartphones. You use your finger to move the character around with Joystick. Click other virtual keys to attack and perform skills. Unfortunately, not all characters’ skills are the same. It’s from the fact that you design the character from the very beginning of the game. Therefore they will have their roles and powers. That impacts your gameplay a lot as the world gets bigger. Enemies are diverse, and with your skills, you will need to use many complex tactics.


Construction of works

A whole new element has been added to the entertaining game. It is the construction and creation of buildings in the game. From the rocks, you get into many terrains. Combining them according to the recipe will create bricks and many items. Place these bricks in the correct positions in the order of a large numbers. So you have completed the first work. Use it as your shelter after the intense battle with monsters. Make it something that can entertain you and your friends. Creativity knows no bounds as you don’t have to build any prototypes.

Quests and character interactions

Quests may not appear in the early stages of DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS. But when you interact with the characters, they will start to appear. The process of exploring the world will lead you to villages or towns. There will be people living in those places. They are NPCs that may or may not contribute to a part of the plot. The important thing is that some of them will give you the task. Or they will be the destination for you to buy items, forge equipment, learn magic… Some characters will volunteer to fight with you until the journey’s end. The order is entirely random, depending on how adventurous you are.


Cute and simple graphics will be the first highlight when looking at DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS. The rest is a good build and combat mechanism. Interactions with NPCs are diverse and lead to many storylines. DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS mod deserves your time to spend on it. Explore to develop yourself, experience stories, and get stronger and stronger.

Download DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS MOD APK (Menu PRO/Immortal/Free crafting) for Android

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