Dragon Merge Master Idle MOD APK 1.13 (Unlimited money)

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NameDragon Merge Master Idle APK
PublisherSia Ding Shen
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Dragon Merge Master Idle becomes the master of dragon fusion, brings in dragon masters and starts the war. Players will create new dragons from the time it is born into a true warrior. You merge small dragons to transform them into enormous dragons. The battles between the dragon gods are about to take place, bringing a lot of thrills to experience. Control them to have the ultimate level of play, defeat, and stand on the list of top dragon gods in the world. Meet more vigorous dragons to try your hand, and then you can accumulate combat experience. Accept a challenge from your opponent, or you master the game.

Dragon Merge Master Idle

Download Dragon Merge Master Idle mod – Training dragons to fight

Dragon Merge Master Idle provides a dragon merge feature to transform small dragons. You will care for them from birth until now, choosing the best conditions to grow. Besides, merging will double their power. The combat power is also vital, so the reunion is significant. In addition, the dragon training career also goes through many stages. Not one or two days can be completed. The level of the dragon god will always be a respectable symbol for the opponent to fear. Evolve the most powerful dragons, and rule the whole world on a single note. They directly participate in tournaments, so a long-term strategy is needed.

Under your guidance, the dragons have been transformed immeasurably. They enjoy it and want to grow more and more. Your training journey will meet many different types of dragons with special powers that make you overwhelmed. They fight hard for their position, relying on your control. Discover many unique dragons; you also have to admire your taming ability. Choose dragons with a warrior spirit and outstanding appearance to defeat the enemy. Take your brain children to a new level, train them to receive many victories.

Dragon Merge Master Idle mod apk

Exciting battles

Dragon Merge Master Idle opens world-class wars of warrior dragons. Players choose the strongest ones to oppose them directly. When you win, you unlock a new dragon key, the most desirable thing in the game. The unique dragons will go to battle one by one, and you are also conveying the ability to fight to them. Enjoy epic dragon battles, and meet the most powerful opponents to prove your ability. Expand the squad to fight more robustly, and knock down the opponent at the first hit. The epic battles began to bloom, and the journey to conquer the championship was officially discovered.

Dragon Merge Master Idle android

Create a battle dragon formation

The expansion of the battle squad is one of your essential tasks. Dragon Merge Master Idle has a colossal dragon system for you to conquer. To defeat the enemy, your warriors must have fighting qualities and know how to combine with teammates. All skills that an inherent dragon you must grasp, thereby fostering more. It would help if you had a vast team of dragons ready to claim the grand prize. They are fusing out invincible dragons, as shown by their prominent appearance and powerful energy usage. Train new moves in the war, transfer the dominant energy to each member, and complete the matches well.

Dragon Merge Master Idle apk

Progressing game by game

The dragon competition in Dragon Merge Master Idle is all about victory. Many players expect the title of master in the field of dragon training. For you, that is the biggest motivation to control your warrior every time you go to battle. Create a legend in history, and make your team of warriors the best. When you win, you are also the contagious one, so try. Compete for each skill in the arena, and do not give in to any opponent. Players can challenge themselves or accept an invitation from the opponent in any form; they must win the championship.

Dragon Merge Master Idle performs the battle between the dragon gods, launching extreme moves. Merge dragons, and give it a new and classy look. After each battle, if you win, the merger will be easy. A dragon’s playing skill depends on your control; winning or losing is all up to you. A complete squad needs warriors with a fighting spirit, not afraid of danger. Dragons have become heroes in battles, supporting you to win all tournaments. Satisfied with the training you gave the little dragons earlier. Download Dragon Merge Master Idle mod, enjoy dragon merge battles, and create a strong position in each match.

Download Dragon Merge Master Idle MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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