Dragon City 2 MOD APK 0.11.2 (Unlimited gold, diamonds, food)

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NameDragon City 2 APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited gold, diamonds, food
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Build a dragon city with many different species. Evolve countless dragons in Dragon City 2. Players will make them hatch, form, and breed. At the same time, help them participate in battles against enemies. Dragon City 2 is the place for you to enter the world of lovely and very powerful dragons. Create your own kingdom with as many dragons as you want. Take care of them to grow up day by day, forming a leader with high fighting power.

Dragon City 2 mod

Download Dragon City 2 mod – Build a dragon kingdom

Indeed you are no longer unfamiliar with animated movies about dragons, right? Familiar images, many different looks. Now you can experience dragon games right on your mobile phone. Dragon City 2 is a new game that was launched not long ago, attracting many gamers. You will have the task of nurturing them, giving them a chance to breed and breed. Let the island be inhabited and developed by dragons.

Dragon City 2 mod apk

From the dragons you currently own, combine to create many new varieties. They will begin to enter battles, facing many opponents. Train more dragons skills, improve strength to face the enemy. Lead them into fierce battles, drive the enemies out of the area. Follow the dragon’s development and growth day by day. You will find that dragons are not as scary as in the legend. Their strength and combat ability will make them ready to participate in each battle.

Dragon City 2 mod download

Complete dragon collection

More than 100 dragons provided by Dragon City 2 will let players breed. From eggs and hatching to baby dragons. Then the player needs to feed and drink them to grow. Start forming habits and skills for them. Train battle tactics, increase strength. Train dragon warriors, dare to face difficulties. Grow from small dragons to be strong and massive. Create a variety of varieties, making the island more crowded. Contributing to the collection of dragons will also be more affluent.

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Join the PvP arena

Lead the dragon on adventures, explore many locations. Build your own empire and base on the island. But from there, the enemy forces also appeared. The enemy will find a way to destroy, not letting you accomplish your goals. That’s why you will have to bring dragons to the arena. Compete and confront other dragon bosses. Restore the land and regain what was lost. At the same time, collect more dragons in the process of fighting. Gather into the strongest army, present in all the intense battles. Conquer your best to be able to achieve victory, complete the tasks well.

Dragon City 2 mod android

Map of the islands

The island will be a place for dragons to live. Build and decorate this place to be more beautiful than ever. Become a house for dragons to reside and live in every day. Plant more trees, expand the area. Creating a favorable living environment, meeting the living conditions of dragons. Let each island be owned by you, not for any force to be controlled. Mining and discovering more new islands. Develop for the kingdom to become stronger and stronger.

Dragon city with dramatic battles. Many activities and missions will take place in Dragon City 2. Various outstanding colors and attractive game modes. Accompany dragons in fighting to defeat opponents. Download Dragon City 2 mod, build dragon city, collect and create diverse races.

Download Dragon City 2 MOD APK (Unlimited gold, diamonds, food) for Android

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