Dragon Castle 13.95 MOD APK (Unlimited money/New mine)

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NameDragon Castle APK
PublisherTap Pocket
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/New mine
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The dragon is a famous sacred image. We know this animal from legends or fairy tales. Perhaps there is not enough evidence to make an absolute statement about the existence of dragons in history. However, this animal has many similarities with the flying dinosaurs that lived on earth millions of years ago. Taking advantage of the mystery of the dragon’s origin, many entertainment works have been born and received the audience’s love. Grasping that trend, the producer Tap Pocket introduced the game Dragon Castle to the public. Launched in 2013, Dragon Castle has been loved by players around the world so far.

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Download Dragon Castle mod – Build castles for dragons

As a precious species, dragons are not easy to nurture and grow like other animals. The producer Tap Pocket has intensely exploited this aspect to create an entertaining game because it is Dragon Castle. Joining this game means you join the adventure journey with dragons. Surely this adventure will be as magical as the stories we have heard about this sacred animal. The leading task players must perform in Dragon Castle is building a livable environment for dragons. So let’s create a dragon camp with rich food, water, and facilities. They will surely repay you properly when well taken care of.

Dragon Castle apk

The player’s role in Dragon Castle is the wizard. A wizard controls a series of mighty dragons with his fingers. The land where dragons live is equally unique. You will build luxurious multi-story castles to match the character of this animal. Each dragon will have a separate room in its castle. Do not let many dragons have to squeeze together in a tight area because they need large enough space to develop and upgrade. If you want more open land to build a castle, cut down a few obstructing trees. What’s best for dragons is a priority in this game. It would help if you remembered that rule clearly.

Dragon Castle mod apk

Level up dragons to evolve

Humans took hundreds of millions of years of history to evolve into what it is today. That is the unchangeable law of the natural world. Each animal cannot be present forever in the same form as when it was born. The same goes for the dragons in Dragon Castle. They can be evolved when the necessary conditions are met. The player can notice the changes in evolution as the dragon is leveled up. Dragons of different levels will undoubtedly possess unique abilities. This element creates its value. You can also buy new dragons at the shop. The higher the level of dragons, the more gold coins it costs to own.

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Breeding a new dragon breed

Buying new dragons from the shop is your way to own particular dragon breeds. However, it’s not the only way. Because players can also breed their baby dragons, this will take place in a laboratory. First, you need to choose two different dragons with many outstanding advantages. Then take them to the lab to pair up and create baby dragons. Finally, the bred baby dragon will carry the benefits of both parents. This breeding will cost you a small gold coin. But the results it brings are well worth it. Because you’ve got another mighty dragon to help enrich your dragon collection.

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Use dragons to mine gold

In Dragon Castle, some jobs require coins, as mentioned above. You’re probably wondering where that money comes from. Rest assured, Dragon Castle is accessible and does not require you to make a deposit to play. The numbers for you to use in this game are the fruit of the hard work of the dragons. Around the land on which you build your castle, there will be treasures buried long ago. Your job is to control the dragons to find where gold is mine. Thanks to the diligent dragons, this job will help you become wealthy without effort. When you have enough gold, shopping is not difficult.

Dragon Castle is light and idle entertainment game. This game uses images of lovely dragons, which is suitable for children from three years old. The quests in Dragon Castle all revolve around dragons. You must gently control the dragon here to help you do it all. This experience will create more closeness in the relationship between humans and animals, even though it is unknown whether dragons exist. Download Dragon Castle mod and build a habitat for dragons.

Download Dragon Castle MOD APK (Unlimited money/New mine) for Android

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