DownFall: Hack&Slash MOD APK 1.0.7 (Menu PRO/Immortal/Damage, defense multiplier)

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NameDownFall: Hack&Slash APK
PublisherRawhand Games
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Immortal/Damage, defense multiplier
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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In your opinion, where is the ideal place to take place the battles? Indeed this is a difficult question to answer. When people have a grudge, confrontation can happen in any location. However, game makers often choose some typical types of maps as creative contexts. For example, shooting games often occur in abandoned cities because of many buildings and hiding places. Meanwhile, good fighting games are arranged in the dungeon. The reason is probably that the dark space creates a more dramatic feeling. DownFall: Hack&Slash is also a game like that. Producer Rawhand Games releases DownFall: Hack&Slash in mid-2022.

DownFall HackSlash mod

Download DownFall: Hack&Slash mod – Survival in Hell

The main character that you will meet in DownFall: Hack&Slash is Faust. This man was originally very kind and had nothing to do with the world behind the shadows. But nature does not give people the right to decide their own life. Faust was involved in an incident that took his life in a new direction. It was after the battle with the nameless demon. Faust himself did not know who he was. He didn’t understand why that demon would come and destroy his life like that. For that reason, Faust is determined to go down the dungeons to find the hidden enemy. Countless challenges and dangers are waiting. Help Faust find the identity of the devil.

DownFall HackSlash apk

Dark dungeons are places no one wants to go. But without going down there, there was no way Faust would know the secret of the nameless demon. Since the dungeon was the base of demons, Faust’s life was as fragile as hair. He will have to confront these terrifying monsters underground directly. Weapons used are loaded guns. Underneath the dungeon were not just one but thousands of demons. Each has its unique ability that makes Faust difficult. Hopefully, you will help him get out of prison alive. And more than that, make Faust first among the participants.

DownFall HackSlash mod apk

Fight against the devil

DownFall: Hack&Slash is designed based on the role-playing game genre. The manufacturer has created DownFall: Hack&Slash with exciting roguelike action gameplay in fast-paced combat. This element will help players feel authentic and excited every time they hold a gun. The arsenal of weapons that Faust can use is also highly diverse. There are rifles, machine guns, shotguns, and even rockets. Faust used to be a magician, possessing many spells with different effects. Now, under this dungeon, is the time for that talent to be used; the demons will never expect this ability and are quickly destroyed under your control.

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Combine equipment

In addition to the modern weapons provided, DownFall: Hack&Slash allows players to create new products. You can combine items of the same type by helping them be upgraded. At the same time, millions of devices are available in the store for you to choose from. Those are all the latest weapons with diverse and groundbreaking functions. When upgrading and using modern weapons, some low-ranked items can become redundant. Could you not throw them away? Instead, collect and display new weapons as a collection. The manufacturer will evaluate and help you grow based on that factor. This is the least expensive way to develop abilities ever in fighting games.

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Collect the ruins

The monster’s dungeon is deep underground. It was a place where countless valuables were stored. After you defeat those ferocious beasts, try to explore the remaining ruins. Maybe in an old room, there are legendary weapons long forgotten. Or sometimes, during the search, you can find clues about the unknown demon that ruined Faust’s life. The room can be large and hold a lot of stuff. However, choose wisely to own the most valuable items for this adventure. The final destination that Faust hoped for was still to destroy the demon that had made his life so crippled.

It’s also dungeon fighting, but DownFall: Hack&Slash is far different from other games of its kind. Instead of fighting monsters to protect the world, Faust fights for himself. To start the journey, he prepared a lot of weapons and equipment. It isn’t enjoyable if this trip does not bring good results. Download DownFall: Hack&Slash mod and help Faust find the unknown demon.

Download DownFall: Hack&Slash MOD APK (Menu PRO/Immortal/Damage, defense multiplier) for Android

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