Dino Clash 1.10.1 MOD APK (Menu PRO/Attack, defense multiplier)

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NameDino Clash APK
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Attack, defense multiplier
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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History is a time series with no exact starting point. We never fully know what happened in the distant past. Have you ever dreamed of doing a time travel to the past? It might be a good idea to explore and verify Stone Age legends. Furthermore, if we talk about primitive times, it is impossible not to mention a particular animal. It’s a dinosaur. They ruled the earth millions of millions of years before humans appeared. If you are curious about this animal, try to explore its world from a new perspective through Dino Clash. NEOWIZ makes this game.

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Download Dino Clash mod – Return to the primitive times with mighty dinosaurs

Dino Clash allows players to meet the most dangerous warriors in the primitive world. In those ages, dinosaurs were the kings of all species. Dinosaur fans will be delighted to join Dino Clash because the game has the appearance of 17 species of Jurassic dinosaurs. In addition, 34 unique warriors of the time will accompany this adventure. In addition, players can discover many other dangerous animals that appeared in this period. If you look at them as small and despise them, it is a mistake. They may possess powers that no one expected. Cuteness does not come with weakness and shyness in this game.

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Dino Clash uses a primitive war scene with extremely large-scale battle royale battles. Dozens of players will enter the battlefield to compete for power. If you want to become the strongest, you must skillfully use the art of war. Because Dino Clash possesses simple rules, its scale is enormous. Anyone can participate, but there is only one champion. Build the ultimate warrior squad to be ready to face the enemy clan. Dino Clash allows players to choose between different battle modes. The two modes, Expedition and Volcano, include more than 1000 levels for you to conquer without worrying about boredom.

Dino Clash mod apk

Build the best squad

In a large-scale battle like Dino Clash, team building is a priority. Each army will consist of two components for this game: primitive clan legion and mighty dinosaur. A good leader will know how to combine his warriors most suitably. You don’t just need talented people; you need a harmonious squad. Let the clans and primitive dinosaurs become united and like-minded. That’s the only way to build a strong team and win. In Dino Clash, the clan consists of many different types of heroes. They include hunters, archers, assassins, magicians, restorers, giant warriors, and many more.

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Unite combat units

Dino Clash is a game that includes a merge element. You can merge combat units to make them stronger. To do this, you first need to own your groups of warriors. Next, drag and drop them to the desired location in the arena. The placement is critical because Dino Clash is a vast-scale battle. Therefore, how the formation is arranged will determine the attack as well as the resistance of our army. If you have watched many similar historical dramas, it will be a huge advantage. The army can form a crossbow or a circle depending on your tactics.

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Upgrade for dinosaurs

So what about dinosaurs? Is there a way to make them stronger? Yes, of course, but it will be more demanding and challenging. Dinosaur upgrades can be done after you unlock the rewards. Each reward will require different feats. After a battle, you’ll know how many wins you need to unlock the next bonus. Depending on the reward’s value, it can be five games, ten games, or more. In addition to opening prizes, players can visit the store to buy more items. They will help activate the skills of the dinosaurs. The combination of mighty dinosaurs and legions of clans will create an unbeatable.

Dino Clash is a large-scale fighting game with the participation of many players. Success or failure depends mainly on the tactics you build. Also, merge groups of soldiers and upgrade dinosaurs to increase their strength. The other clans are eager to confront you. Download Dino Clash mod and experience the fierce battle of primitive materials.

Download Dino Clash MOD APK (Menu PRO/Attack, defense multiplier) for Android

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