Design Masters MOD APK 1.9.14271 (Unlimited money)

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NameDesign Masters APK
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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New fun things to do in the Design Masters puzzle and decoration game. Immerse yourself in highly engaging and engaging stories. They are revealing the ranks of the highest new competition—the dream of decorating the game players’ main house. A talented and sophisticated designer in every room is designed from the apps brought in and placed in the space of the gamer’s house. Increase the house’s value as the game players try to make it more beautiful. Match 3 puzzles and solve beautiful situations. Put the player on the level requirements and must use the ability to think intelligently. It feels good to be dramatic with difficult situations constantly appearing in the wake.

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Use top-notch thinking with the furniture brought to this home. Please put it in the most appropriate positions possible. Leave an impression with the items in the house of the game player. Unlock even more things to add to your collection. Add a lot of beautiful 3D furniture to the home. You modeled a home in 3D in the game Design Masters. Discover what features the house has and then use your design thinking mind. Since then, each house room has been decorated beautifully for the players. Enjoy the results with the loot obtained after each game level. Design Masters is a new experience when solving match 3 puzzles.

Design Masters

From the ideas in your head, hurry to work on this Design Masters game. Puzzles and rooms will constantly appear. A reputation that players are aiming for in the game. Become a master problem solver and designer—exciting rewards and gifts in the game. Stories are built for players to explore. Play around with beautiful and thrilling storylines at game levels. Design Masters delivers novel content across newer homes over time.

My style

There is a house; what the players will buy and do for that house is beautiful. With ideas already planned in mind, get to work. Design Masters allows players to decorate and design the home in their style. Discover new and unique things through a variety of styles. Build a nest for yourself and the family of the incarnated character. The types of French and Italian styles are classic and modern. It is expressed through designing and bringing the furniture to positions in the room. Each room is designed and put together to form a beautiful house. Make the house pleasing to the player himself. Enjoy your home design style.

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Solve situations

Circumstances that occur in the house can be unintended. These situations put the players in puzzles. Solve problems from the mysteries that this game will give. The Design Masters quizzes will carry a variety of problem-solving directions. Immerse yourself in puzzles that require thinking skills with this game. Let your mind soak in the elements of this game and then work it out. What will the players feel when the incidents are incredibly new? For example, what will the player need to do if the house is flooded? Fix something so the water can escape avoiding flooding this house even more. Help the main character in the game Design Masters by solving situations. Relax and entertain with engaging puzzles that always accompany the condition.

Design Masters mod apk

Character’s story

Start the game with the story of the heroine. Design Masters brings the story of a single mother’s family. With her daughter, who was evicted from her own house. The female character and her daughter go to buy an old house. Since then, she and her daughter have embarked on redecorating that house. The challenges are not simple when problems constantly arise in the game.

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Design Masters offers a fantastic experience and challenge. Experience the game when solving puzzles and decorating the house in your style. Immerse yourself in the fascinating and novel stories in the game. Download Design Masters mod to exercise your brain to think intelligently and redecorate the complete house to be beautiful and colorful.

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