Dash Quest MOD APK 2.9.28 (Unlimited money/High HP/Skill without CD)

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NameDash Quest APK
PublisherTrophy Games - Tiny Rails Train Cargo Simulator
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/High HP/Skill without CD
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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In recent years, 3D graphics with lifelike character designs have become a prominent trend. This is entirely consistent with the rapid development of information science. In addition, it also meets the aesthetic needs of many players. However, besides that, there is still a part of gamers who prefer retro-style graphics. Action games with this design look so much fun. There are still tough fights, but the retro graphics give us a feeling of not being scary and gore. Dash Quest is an example of this genre. A game that costs zero downloads and can be played offline is fun and worth trying.

Dash Quest mod

Download Dash Quest mod – A challenging world awaits you

Dash Quest is a fantasy-based action game. It possesses many familiar RPG elements. At the same time, the retro image is like an addictive substance that keeps you hooked on the adventure here. Dash Quest tells the story of a kingdom in danger of invasion. The leading villain is Lich. Your task is to overcome all the mobs along the way. They are preventing you from coming and killing the boss at the end of the track. The remarkable thing is that the matches in Dash Quest take place in a straight line. You go a little further and encounter enemies waiting for you. Defeat them without hesitation to become a hero to save the legendary kingdom.

Dash Quest apk

In Dash Quest’s adventure mode, players have the opportunity to explore the complete world map. And, of course, each map in each game hides many secrets of its own. Monsters and their bosses have lurked waiting for your arrival. There are some maps where you can sense danger just by hearing your name. For example, goblin hill. You cannot avoid encountering goblins when passing through their territory. In addition, in other maps, there are many dark forests or old palaces. Your job is to go through them at all costs. The way to save the kingdom is unique. Players go straight and have no other options.

Dash Quest mod apk

Equip weapons to charge up

Your hero needs to be armed from head to toe with dangerously long lines ahead. With Dash Quest, players can customize their character with tons of equipment. These include weapons, spells, skills, items, and even pets. Weapons range from magic hammers, axes, swords, and knives of all shapes and sizes. Some armors look incredibly trendy. Besides, help the hero collect more items such as bombs, drugs, darts, or flying carpets to make it more convenient for battles. These items are filled in the Dash Quest store. However, you can only use them once they are unlocked. Complete many tasks to get them back.

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Destroy all enemies

If you have enough equipment, let’s hit the road. Battles against bosses await you at the end of the stage. Along the way, you will meet countless of their soldiers. Maybe the enemies are goblins, skeletons, or in another form. But they all have the same goal of stopping you from reaching your destination. They will launch many giant stones toward you, for example. But do not panic because you have the ultimate tools in your hands. The manufacturer has installed them on the sides of the screen. So you need to click on the item you want to use. For example, use a bomb to destroy those monstrous rocks. Or you can also use real spells and the hero’s unique skills.

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Many attractive minigames

Dash Quest is the most prestigious game in the action world because it guarantees and provides players dozens of perks and generous bonuses. Many minigames are created for you to have the opportunity to make money back in your pocket. Bonuses are the primary source of spending for that equipment purchase. However, besides buying with cash in Dash Quest, you can also top up real money for on-demand shopping. If you feel that is unnecessary, you can turn off this feature in the settings. But daily challenges like Legendary Gear also give you a decent amount of money to buy tools and items.

Is the series described above enough to stimulate you to want to try Dash Quest right away? If you like retro action style and RPG games. Although this game can be played offline, an internet connection is how you can fully enjoy all those features. Also, challenge yourself to this race when you’re 13 years old. Download Dash Quest mod and join the hero to save the kingdom.

Download Dash Quest MOD APK (Unlimited money/High HP/Skill without CD) for Android

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