Dark Plane 1.1c MOD APK (Menu PRO/Unlimited money/Immortal)

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NameDark Plane APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Unlimited money/Immortal
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Dark Plane where horror hides, setting up a matrix of intense action. Players go down to the dungeons and cursed monasteries to discover the truth. This is an important task that requires high courage because there is a constant element of intimidation. This challenge will undoubtedly be more enjoyable for those passionate about meandering things with hosts spacious play space; many traps are designed, you do not observe the overview, and it is easy to get stuck. Accompany other players to find the truth, the way out for yourself. Destroy the hateful monsters, they are conspiring to give humanity an expensive lesson.

Dark Plane

Download Dark Plane mod – Reveal the secret of the old monastery

The old monastery has become haunting, where various types of monsters appear. Dead bodies, aggressive bison, and ghosts too. So many horrors like that pour into this place, you need to be a little violent to make them mad. They also look for you, but you need to avoid their eyes. Many events will take place at the same time you choose to follow so that the truth you seek is not broken. The monster’s corruption is getting bigger and bigger, your task is to investigate the truth. Overthrow those evil plots, and free this dungeon. To do that, you also have to fight with other powerful bosses.

Magical factors have determined the success of Dark Plane. A playground full of unique experiences, going from one surprise to another, it’s hard to believe. You also have to have quick reflexes with such threats, monsters rush out very quickly. The enemy’s dark secret is revealed one by one, you quickly end the suffering they have for humanity. The dungeon will no longer haunt you when you can explore and calm down before it challenges you. The fierce counterattack from the opponent will make you more mature and learn their skills. Instead, try to enlighten the old monastery, suppress the monsters, and reveal the truth.

Dark Plane apk

Boss fight

Bosses have never let you down, Dark Plane also brings terrifying shapes. They possess long sharp claws and teeth that can tear you apart. Colossal body and accompanied by many powerful minions, all will defeat you. Is your technique strong enough to be ready to fight them? If you don’t have a strategy and a spirit of steel, you will not be able to handle difficult situations. To go down to the battle dungeon, you also have to overcome hundreds of challenges with the ghosts in the monastery. Unexpected moments will make you unable to turn back. Please go through the gates they set, go to the end, and fight the boss.

Dark Plane android

Collect combat equipment

Weapons are indispensable in this race, so the Dark Plane has invested much in them. Players have many choices in the weapon catalog and must satisfy the conditions. You will collect swords, armor, helmets, and even strong hands. That’s what you need to equip for each battle, the more expensive things are, the more valuable they are. Choose sharp swords with great destructive power to fight powerful opponents. Conquer bonuses or loot in exchange for the weapon you want. Accumulate a lot, put them in a collection, and flexibly use them. Careful preparation is always the key to winning the races.

Dark Plane mod apk

Teammate of two

Dark Plane allows players to fight with their friends. Having two people on a team, a male and a female, will be a perfect choice. Each character in the challenge is designed with a beautiful and powerful appearance. They have all the elements of warriors, it doesn’t matter how you control them. By promoting your strengths, you are always the one to win. Moreover, the hero is also shining. The deeper you go into the dungeon, the more cautious you must be, their lives are in your hands. Multidimensional space, more enveloping darkness, is becoming a barrier. Take them in the correct direction, don’t run into the evil ghosts.

Dark Plane opens up an adventure for those interested in horror. A perfect combination of dungeons and monsters, they all fit together. Offer many unexpected situations to challenge players, and set up much loot to stimulate you to participate. The skills you have will be applied during the challenge. Collect coins, diamonds, and even keys to open the next door. Download Dark Plane mod, explore dungeons and fight enemies at any time.

Download Dark Plane MOD APK (Menu PRO/Unlimited money/Immortal) for Android

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