Cyber War MOD APK 3.0.6 (Menu PRO/Immortal/One shot kill/Hero level up)

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NameCyber War APK
MOD FeaturesMenu PRO/Immortal/One shot kill/Hero level up
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Is tower defense your favorite genre? This type of game often attracts players because of its attractiveness in combat. Tower defense games are often combined with many elements, such as shooting, and tactics, so they are never dull. Moreover, the target to protect is also evident as your base. In addition, in the tower defense game, the user does not need to move as much as in the adventures. This is because the towers are permanently fixed at the available location. If you also like a game like that, then Cyber War is for you. This is a product of the manufacturer BEEMOB PTE. LTD will be launched in 2021 for users over 12 years old.

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Download Cyber War mod – Protecting peace at the end of the XXV century

Instead of choosing an epic style, Cyber War is set in the future. The story takes place in 2498 – the end of the XXV century. At that time, the earth had just suffered a catastrophic battle caused by aliens. As a result, humans have defeated the aliens with extraordinary strength, but the consequences of the war cannot be compensated for. Some many defunct governments and states claim to be the building of new world order. In that situation, the evil people took advantage of the chaos to do wrong things to harm the earth. The appearance of zombies, strange creatures, and mysterious forces creates a new threat to humanity.

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Before that terrible danger, you need to become a tower defense soldier. Build and protect strong fortresses to prevent zombies and enemies from invading the earth again. Otherwise, this disaster could bring humanity to the brink of extinction. In Cyber War, there are many terrifying enemies that players must confront and destroy. Those are zombies that are plotting to spread a deadly plague. As bosses, bosses with enormous power are leading their armies. Bosses often possess unparalleled strength. To destroy them, the player must gather the power of many heroes together. Don’t let any enemies enter through the tower door.

Cyber War mod apk

Legendary hero collection

The producer created a set with more than 100 heroes in Cyber War. These are all legendary heroes with undeniable strength. They will become an effective arm, a companion with players in fierce battles. However, against heavy opponents, you need to create a team for heroes. It is difficult for an individual to fight against an entire army of zombies approaching simultaneously. Therefore, you need to build a strategy and a team of heroes to implement it. Each hero has different strengths and weaknesses. It would help if you understood their characteristics well before creating a team. That is how to build a strong team and promote the talents of all heroes.

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Heavy weapons warehouse

Supporting heroes cannot be without weapons. In Cyber War, there are many heavy weapons. In the twentieth century, technology was undoubtedly more advanced than today. At the same time, you can upgrade weapons to maximize their power. In addition to guns, swords, and other weapons, Cyber War players also have much auxiliary magic. They are potent tools in combat, especially in emergencies. The use of weapons is also not complex. Players need to go to the defensive position and tap to shoot the enemies. Moreover, you can combine technology strategy to improve and upgrade your skill set in Cyber War.

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Various missions every day

The missions in Cyber ​​War will never let you get bored. There are thousands of fascinating levels and maps waiting for you to explore. Missions can change from day to day, creating a variety of battles. In each level, the player must face waves of powerful enemies. Bosses are constantly challenging the skills of heroes. They aspire to break the strategy the player sets out in the first place. To win, you must not let them fulfill that wish. In addition, in Cyber ​​War, there are interesting daily missions. You can conquer them to get free coins, achievements, and gems. Don’t miss any bonus in Cyber ​​War.

Cyber ​​War is a tower defense game with many charismatic elements. A story that takes place in the future can stimulate the player’s curiosity. In addition, the desire to protect peace is an excellent motivation for people to protect the towers of the earth. However, Cyber ​​War is only suitable for ages 12 and up because it uses horror zombie elements. Download Cyber ​​War mod to fight to protect the earth from the danger of being wiped out and destroyed.

Download Cyber War MOD APK (Menu PRO/Immortal/One shot kill/Hero level up) for Android

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