Crack Shooter 2.0.9 MOD APK (Dumb enemy)

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NameCrack Shooter APK
Publisher300 Studio
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Crack Shooter is the survival journey of cowboys on the western land. They fought and struggled to gain control, living here. You will be transformed into a cowboy, possessing many fighting abilities. The gameplay with an attractive storyline will bring you a lot of great experiences. It seemed that there was everything, but many dangerous creatures appeared. Your mission is to destroy each formidable creature and protect the life here. Determined to fight to be able to win, eliminate all opponents from the area.

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The fertile western land creates many conditions for production and cultivation. However, things did not go smoothly. A horde of creatures has arrived, they seek to destroy everything and attack everyone. The whole area seemed to panic, life became more unstable. You will be the hero standing out to protect and destroy them. Use weapons to attack each area and make the creatures unable to reach their goal. Show strength on the battlefield, create many impressive attack combos. Gain a foothold in the land of the West, not letting any power be owned.

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The combination with shooting gameplay has also created an explosive atmosphere, attracting many players. The control mechanism is not too difficult, so you can efficiently perform the operation. Wide movement in all ranges, quick execution of attacks towards the opponent. At the same time, concentration will also help players hit fast and win quickly. Eliminate all creatures that appear unexpectedly, causing all to receive a tragic end. This place is not for the faint-hearted and the weak. Strength and bravery are required to complete the given tasks. Do not let the opponent have the advantage, avoid the crowded siege from them.

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Accompany many heroes

The force of warriors who fight with you is also quite large. This will give you more chances to choose the hero you want. Depending on each warrior, there will be different abilities and strengths. Names like Lesttat, Kidd, Sherly, Colt… are companions in the match. Let’s exploit all their advantages to make victory together. Lead them to join the battle, creating many brave saves. Step by step, make the whole creature unsurvivable. Command the whole team to concentrate, and bravely face danger. Upgrade new skills and experience for each hero. Recruit all capable warriors to fight in every battle.

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Various weapons

The arsenal in Crack Shooter is quality guns. It will help your attacks achieve high results and quickly destroy the enemy. Players can discover guns with consequential damage, creating countless destructive combos. Depending on the situation and the ongoing battle, it is necessary to have a reasonable choice of weapons. Maximize the effect of the gun used throughout the confrontation. After each excellent completion of the mission will give the opportunity to unlock new guns, quickly become a professional shooter, and conquer all challenges.

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Work together to destroy the enemy

If it’s to say what gives power, it doesn’t just depend on each weapon alone. No matter how powerful a weapon is, if you don’t know how to use it, it will be easy to lose. Unity among teammates is also a way to make great power. This will also reduce battle time, bringing you to victory faster. Solidarity between each teammate will also make it difficult for the enemy. Promote the advantages of each warrior, build the most powerful army. Download Crack Shooter mod that attacks all formidable creatures.

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